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Whether for physical or mental health, having a cat at home has multiple benefits for children and adults. In addition to being a companion for your child and contributing to their well-being, it can help them become a more responsible adult.

Taking care of a cat helps to empower the youngest

According to some studies carried out in the past, the presence of a chat at home allows the little ones to take responsibility earlier. By taking care of him, they learn to take care of the other, the respect for others and decorum. Taking care of a more fragile being like a pet also helps them to have better self-esteem.

Discover the health benefits on the metabolism

Having a cat also has physical health benefits, especially that of the youngest. Indeed, children who live with a pet see their immune system strengthen. The risks of allergies and asthma are also limited. Moreover, according to a study unveiled at the European Congress in Munich in 2014, those who slept on animal fur before 3 months reduced by 79% their chances of havingasthma at the age of 6.

As the experts reveal, « an environment rich in bacteria, when we have a lot of animals, molds, has a protective effect on our immunities ». The cat is therefore very beneficial for the well-being children, in addition to soothing them when they are anxious.

Do you know about purring therapy?

If this term can make many smile, it is a very serious subject. As its name suggests, purring therapy is simply taking advantage of the cat’s purring to heal itself. When they purr, the felines emit frequencies of 20 to 50 hertz, which help calm humans.

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Photo: Try purr therapy with your cat

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