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the 30 million friends alert alert on the verbalization of volunteers who feed stray animals – Insurance for Pets

With more than 200 associations in the field, the volunteers of the foundation take care of 42,000 stray cats in particular. But this mission does not appear explicitly on the documents of the Ministry of the Interior to derogate from confinement, in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic.

The 30 million friends foundation faces challenges for its volunteers who feed wild animals in cities. The legal service must intervene to avoid fines as much as possible for non-compliance with the confinement rules, which does not openly provide for this type of support, while the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic continues in France and worldwide.

A real problem for the association, which has signed agreements with the municipalities to feed these animals. It has a network of more than 200 associations in the field and 42,000 stray cats to feed, among others. « It’s very complicated because we recognize volunteering on paper, but it is not always the case on the ground », explains Arnault Lhomme, survey manager of the foundation.

When they intervene, the volunteers are in legal insecurity. Their mission does not appear explicitly on the documents of the Ministry of the Interior. The foundation alerted the Ministry of Agriculture to try to find a solution and break this deadlock. « This week in Vesoul, a nurse was fined by the city police station, says Arnault Lhomme. Fortunately, the mayor with whom we have a partnership has written an employer certificate so that the volunteers can feed the stray cats, but we have many other concerns. « 

Another difficulty for 30 million friends is the closure of the places where stray animals take refuge. In Paris, she is trying to have the Parc de Bagatelle opened, in which there are about 80 cats.