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The 2020 list of pet names – Insurance for Pets

As part of this classification, the names of 15,456 dogs and 9,845 cats born from January 1, 2020 were collected. Are you dying to know the top names of cats and dogs in 2020? Without further ado, here they are!

For the past 6 years, has established an annual list of pet names.

Every year since 1885, the Société centrale canine (SCC) has set a lettering rule for the names of purebred dogs registered in the French Book of Origins (LOF). Another French association maintains the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) which adopts the same letter as the LOF every year. But this tradition is not respected by all pet owners …

Fashionable names correspond to each letter, this year where the « R » is used is no exception. Which is why we still find so many similarities between the names of dogs and cats in 2020. Regardless of the animal, there are many Romy, Roxy, Rocket and Romeo.

Rio is the big winner of the dogs

  1. Rio, it’s an exotic name that brings to mind Brazil, the blue parrot from a famous animated film and one of the main characters in the series « La casa de papel ».
  2. Ruby, sounds good, then it’s short and easy to call; a very practical choice and a beautiful metaphor to designate your little treasure on legs!
  3. Romy is a particularly popular name this year: it has the advantage of being quick and easy to pronounce, which is very useful for the dog to recognize it.

To please young and old alike, cartoon heroes are once again in the spotlight. Not surprisingly, we find in particular Rocky (6th), Ryder (11th) and Ruben (12th) of the Paw Patrol. More classic names are resisting at the end of the ranking. Maya (13th), Rex (15th), Paco (17th), Rita (18th) or Rosko (20th) are familiar to us. And we wish good luck to those who called their dog Rebelle (14th)!

Ruby, the most feline

  1. Ruby, this is the name we give the most to his little mustached treasure in 2020, even if the feline does not necessarily have the red coat that would recall the homonymous gemstone.
  2. Rio, this is definitely a name that is popular in 2020, whatever the pet, surely a follow-up to the new season of « La casa de papel » released this year.
  3. Simba has become a staple, the hero of the Lion King is the perfect figure of the gentle feline; a well-known character and a name that children like a lot.

Treats like Cookie (12th), Licorice (16th) and Bounty (19th) remind us how cute these felines are to eat! More classic names still exist, such as Plume (6th), Rose (17th) and Lilou (20th).

About the survey:
The results are based on data collected between January 1, 2020 and August 20, 2020. The survey data were collected and processed by the animal insurance comparator The analysis is based on more than 15,456 dogs and 9,845 cats, born from January 1, 2020.