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Thomas Bartl, 57, mobile veterinarian

It was difficult to get to him. Budgies, rabbits, dogs, cats and other animals simply took precedence. Because Thomas Bartl is a sought-after veterinarian in Alt-Glienicke – and one of the few mobile in the eastern districts of Berlin.

« I do that, so that the sick or injured animals do not have additional stress due to transport and change of environment, ”says the man originally from Halberstadt. He has been in Berlin since 1987 and has been in Treptow-Köpenick for almost as long, where he ended up by chance. But as luck would have it sometimes, he now lives permanently in our beautiful district and also has his practice here on the Schönefelder Chaussee. He didn’t regret it.

Veterinarian Bartl divides his working days into practice consultations and home visits. There is also the animal emergency service – Bartl is there until 10 p.m. for emergencies of his four-legged patients. « With a quick first aid, the chances of survival of the animals increase, » he says and also has an example. So he called an excited dog owner whose dog ate something mysterious while walking the street. Bartl immediately ordered him to his office, a quarter of an hour later he was there. The dog fell into a coma immediately after the start of treatment. But Thomas Bartl did not give up and continued to treat. After about three hours the dog was slowly waking up again, after six hours he was able to go home – saved! The result: a lively dog ​​and a thankful owner.

« Many examinations can be carried out on the living room table » Thomas Bartl describes the advantage of home visits. “The familiar environment means more security and therefore less fear for the animals. In this way, no symptoms can be masked or the blood values ​​can change, as would otherwise be the case. ”

In animal emergency rescue he treats small and domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) even in the entire urban area of ​​Berlin and in the surrounding Berlin area, every day of the week. With more than 100,000 dogs in the urban area alone, there is a lot to do. By the way, at the end of 2018, over 8,500 dogs were registered in Treptow-Köpenick.

Text: Simone Jacobius, photo: private

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