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Sustainability offensive Edgard & Cooper and Pets Place – Insurance for Pets

With life-sized wooden globes filled with educational material, Pets Place will draw attention to the climate next month.

Together with initiator Edgard & Cooper, supplier of dog and cat food, she is committed to the sustainable ‘Zero Paw Print Plan’, intended to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible.

In the globes, people are given an explanation about how Edgard & Cooper wants to realize the Zero Paw Print Plan with recyclable packaging and sustainable production. “Thanks to Edgard & Cooper’s sustainable packaging, we saved 130,147 plastic bags with all Pets Place stores in 2020,” says Arjen Dik, manager of Pets Place Enschede.

Waste separation

« That is almost as much as the number of people who, normally, fit in the stadiums of Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. » For example, the packaging of the dog biscuits from Edgard & Cooper can be disposed of with the old paper and their cans of wet food are made from recycled aluminum that originated in 1888.

Growing Planet

The wooden globes are part of the sustainability initiative called Growing Planet, an initiative from Edgard & Cooper. “Being kind to our planet and sustainable entrepreneurship are important pillars for us”, explain the three founders of Edgard & Cooper, Koen Bostoen, Louis Chalabi and Jurgen Degrande.


“Early this year we heard about their idea to draw attention to sustainability in an original way,” says Ard Malenstein, CEO of IJsvogel Retail, to which Pets Place belongs. “In addition to pet shops, we also gladly take on the role of advising and inspiring owners. That is why we are happy to make our stores available for this beautiful project.”

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