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On the occasion of World Day Against the Abandonment of Pets, Solidarite-Animal publishes the charter of the responsible master. Anyone considering adopting an animal, whether for a fee or free of charge, should take 15 commitments that the Solidarité-Animal association lists. These commitments remind the one who takes them that the animal is a living being, endowed with sensitivity, whose comfort, happiness and life are in the hands of its master.

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Available on the jourmeemondialecontrelabandon, we invite you to sign it. These 15 commitments are as many « rights » that our animal, dog, cat, rabbit, horse … acquires when we adopt it. Failure to respect them would be a betrayal of the unlimited trust that he shows us every day by our side.

The charter of the responsible master

  1. I don’t adopt you on a whim. Whether I buy it or receive it for free, adopting a pet is a thoughtful act. Adoption is a commitment.
  2. I identify you. Identification is compulsory in France for cats and dogs. I respect the law by giving it an identity. This is proof of my commitment and an assurance of finding him in the event of loss, running away or theft.
  3. I have you sterilized. If I am not a breeder, sterilization is a guarantee against unwanted litters, causes of many abandonments.
  4. I watch over your health. I provide my animal with regular veterinary checks, have it vaccinated and treated when it is sick or injured.
  5. I provide your food and your drink, in quantity and in quality. I provide him with several meals a day, without lack or excess in order to meet the needs related to his species, his age and his state of health.
  6. I provide for your comfort and well-being. I agree to provide him with a place of life that gives him security and comfort.
  7. I’m not ignoring you. I must provide my pet with activities, contacts with other animals and with humans in and out of the family.
  8. I’m taking you on vacation with me. Adopting an animal is a year-round commitment. If it is impossible to take him on vacation, the master agrees to entrust his care to a responsible person, free of charge or for a fee.
  9. I’m educating you. Education allows a dog to live in harmony with its peers and humans, regardless of its age.
  10. I respect the law and local decisions regarding your species. Respect for the laws avoids exposing oneself to lawsuits which could harm the future of your animal (wearing a muzzle, picking up droppings, barking, etc.).
  11. JI’m not exploiting you. Either in illegal combat activities, betting and shows that harm his well-being, security and survival.
  12. I’m not making you euthanize for comfort. Euthanasia is an act that is decided in consultation with the veterinarian in order to shorten the suffering, both psychological and physical, of the animal only.
  13. I’m not mistreating you. Voluntarily or involuntarily, suffering to an animal is an act of cruelty punishable by law. If the disease exposes the animal to suffering, the veterinarian must do everything to relieve it.
  14. I’m not abandoning you. Abandonment, other than for compelling reasons and from a shelter, is an offense punishable by law.
  15. I love you. By ensuring my pet daily moments of sharing, exchange and activity with fellow animals, my family and myself.



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