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Struck by lightning, a dog offers his life to save that of his master – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 05/27/2020 at 8:17 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougé
in the category Rescues

© Jonathan Tyler Hardman / Facebook

To save his master, Rambo was struck by lightning in his place. Unfortunately, he died there.

Rambo the German shepherd and his master, Jonathan Hardman, had gone to make a hiking with a group of friends in Mount Bierstadt in Colorado. They had arrived at the top of the Mountain. On the way down, they were struck by lightning.

There was nothing to indicate that a drama was about to take place. Hardman was guiding his dog on a rocky path when a flash took place, causing him to lose consciousness.

Hardman woke up unable to move his hands and legs, he reports to 9NEWS. The animal was inanimate.

When he understood that his companion was dead, Hardman had the Broken Heart. He didn’t yet know that he had life.

Injured, Hardman did not hesitate to take his pain in patience and to run to seek help to save Rambo. Once at the hospital, the doctors explained to him what would have happened if the dog had not been present. Indeed, the poor beast had absorbed most of the electrical charge, sparing its master.

The lightning that struck where was Hardman and Rambo side by side, reached both of them. If he had not been there, the man would have received the entire load in his body, reports the Dodo.

Rambo his master is greatly missed, but the latter is perfectly aware that he owes his life to courage and at the loyalty of his former companion.

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He wrote a social media post to let his friends and family know that he had been struck by lightning and survived, but that the brave Rambo is dead.