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Snapping turtles: watch out for bites – Insurance for Pets

In Haute-Garonne, the snapping turtle has been making headlines in the region for several years. Native to America, the species was sold in pet stores until the early 2000s. Jérôme Maran, founder of the turtle refuge dedicated to them Bessières, in Haute-Garonne explains: « These are animals with a double face: in the water, they are relatively placid, it is outside, when they feel in danger that they exhibit a certain form of aggression.« 

Having become too cumbersome for their owners, some specimens have been released into the wild, or near bodies of water. In the Toulouse region, in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, in Haute-Garonne, five snapping turtles were recently captured. While babies are harmless, adult animals are not, especially from May to July, when females come out of the water to lay their eggs on dry land.

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