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Smoking at the station: so many fines were handed out in Ede last year – Insurance for Pets

Smoking at the station? Forget it! From 1 October, a smoking ban will apply at all train stations in the Netherlands. Do you bother with the rules and still light a cigarette? Then you can be fined € 95. Before the ban, you could only smoke in a smoking zone. Not every traveler adhered to that.

This is evident from figures from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB). They mapped out how many fines were handed out to station smokers last year.

Fines in Ede

And there are quite a few: a total of around 2,500 fines were issued in 2019 for smoking at public transport stations. How many of these were given at Ede-Wageningen station? The number of fines can be counted on one hand: only two Edeners were thrown on the ticket because they were puffing at the station.

In map

In the map below you can see how many fines per station have been issued for smoking at the station.

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