Insurance for Pets

Senior Inspector Expertise Animal By-products – Insurance for Pets

Where will you end up?

Within the field of animal by-products, you and four direct colleagues are responsible for setting up, having executed and evaluating projects. The aim of these projects is to monitor and promote compliance by companies within the animal by-products sector in order to adequately control risks to humans, animals and nature. “The field of work in this domain is so broad that the work is never boring or monotonous…”. said Steven Danneel, former Senior Advisor Animal Byproducts at the NVWA.

What are you going to do?

You translate legal and regulatory provisions into workable monitoring protocols and monitoring methods, so that the inspectors in the field can effectively and efficiently supervise companies that handle animal by-products. These can be companies that use cadavers to produce biodiesel, for example, but also companies that use animal by-products as a raw material for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

Depending on the inspection results, the wishes of our client LNV and developments in Europe, you set up projects. You can deduce from inspection results of the previous year where there are risks to public and animal health in the chain and where new risks arise. You devise innovative and efficient supervision methods and tools. It is up to you to determine which tool best achieves its goal in practice. You also confront the sector with generic results, you talk about working methods and new production flows. You stimulate the sector to continue to operate within the frameworks of the applicable laws and regulations. When certain working methods turn out not to be workable in practice, you look for solutions.

Our client also gives direction to our field of work. When risks are identified or expected, you will initiate and implement specific projects to measure and, if necessary, promote compliance.

Finally, legislative proposals are being made from Europe. This happens, for example, when new industries emerge, such as the breeding of insects as a feedstock for pet food or when our surveillance signals require legislative changes. As a Senior Advisor you are closely involved in this. Sometimes you represent the Netherlands during European meetings in Brussels. Prior to this, you agree within the team, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the sector which conditions we set for legislative proposals.

Job requirements

How we envision you?

You enjoy working in a team. You are good at keeping an overview and you can plan and organize your own work well. You are able to make independent decisions. You are proactive when it comes to introducing new, creative working methods and methods. You are able to convince others of the path that is being taken and you know how to motivate this well. You have the courage to think outside the box. You are environmentally aware and able to deal with various interests in a political / economic playing field. You are a real networker who can easily find your way in a complex field.

In addition, we think it is important that you:

  • Has a completed university education in veterinary medicine, biology or another university education combined with work experience in a field related to animal by-products.
  • Have knowledge of process technology. This is not a hard requirement, but we do prefer it.
  • Has excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Has a good analytical mind to understand complex processes in this domain.


  • Analyze
  • Judgment
  • Persuasiveness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Collaborate
  • Planning & organizing
  • Creativity

Terms of employment
Salary level scale 12
Monthly salary Min € 3,815 – Max. € 5,671 (gross)
Employment Employment contract for an indefinite period
Minimum number of hours per week 36
Maximum number of hours per week 36
Other employment conditions

Where will you work?

The NVWA is a committed, social employer that is active in a large and social playing field. Our work as a supervisor is at the center of attention. Media, politics, business and Dutch citizens are following our work critically. At the NVWA you do work with social importance, your work has an impact on the safety of food, products, the health of plants and animals and animal welfare in the Netherlands.

What do we offer you?

  • An induction program that suits your position with guidance from experienced colleagues.
  • Extensive training and / or coaching options for your further professional development.
  • Where the position permits, we offer you the space to work independently of time and place.
  • A pleasant working environment with Utrecht head office (within walking distance of Central Station).
  • Regular fun activities with your colleagues, such as our (now legendary) pub quiz!

In addition to the salary, you will receive an Individual Choice Budget (IKB). The IKB consists of money (16.37% of your gross annual salary) and time. With the IKB you make the choices that suit you and you can put together part of your employment conditions yourself. For example, you can choose to have part of your monthly income paid out whenever you wish. You can also convert this budget into leave and vice versa or spend it on tax-friendly goals. The national government attaches great importance to personal growth and career development and offers numerous opportunities for this. The secondary employment conditions include various study facilities, company fitness, full reimbursement of your public transport travel expenses commuting and partially paid parental leave.


  • If you apply for a vacancy with a permanent employment contract, you will start with a temporary employment contract of a maximum of 2 years, which is converted into a permanent employment contract if you function properly.
  • We can only process your application if you respond correctly via the ‘Apply’ button and your CV and motivation letter are enclosed.
  • After the closing date, we regret that we can no longer process your application.
  • Clearly indicate in your CV that you meet the requested training (s), as described in the job requirements.
  • If you apply for a priority position, please enclose a copy of your decision with your application.
  • Applications are considered in accordance with applicable agreements, including the Collective Labor Agreement for the Government and NVP application code.
  • A competence test and / or an assessment can be part of the selection procedure.
  • The selection committee can obtain references, but will always coordinate this with you in advance.
  • An online screening via search engines or social media, for example, can be part of the selection process.

After the closing date, the vacancy text and the details of the vacancy holder will no longer be visible online. To avoid having to request it, we request that you download and save the vacancy text.

More about the function group Senior Inspector

The Government Job Building helps employees and managers to make result and development agreements in performance interviews and provides insight into career opportunities within the national government.

More information on Function building Rijksoverheid

More about your future department

The Expertise department is the department within the NVWA where all substantive knowledge of the NVWA with regard to the domains that must be maintained is available. This knowledge is used to create projects that are carried out by the Inspection department. The employees keep track of the knowledge that is relevant to them by operating (inter) nationally in networks. The department is at the heart of the Enforcement Management model, in which a tactical connection is made between the strategic BPI department and the Operational departments of the Inspectorate.

Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, stands for the safety of food and consumer products, animal welfare and nature. We strive to be an employer that every employee, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and work disability, wants to work for. Working on social issues in diverse teams makes us more effective, more innovative and the work more fun.

Our mission is to increase food and product safety, plant health and animal welfare, through high compliance with (inter) national laws and regulations and optimal risk management.

It seems so obvious that we can buy food and other products in the Netherlands in the confidence that they are safe for us. We can rely on this, because there are laws and regulations that companies must adhere to and that ensure that they do not harm animal welfare and nature. That goes well very often, but not always. That is why it is important that we stand together for that safety. With entrepreneurs who comply with the laws and regulations. With consumers, who are also careful themselves. And as the NVWA, because we monitor and promote compliance by companies and because we monitor animal and plant health. With the aim of adequately controlling possible risks to people, animals and nature.

Our field of activity is broad. That is why we look carefully at where the greatest risks lie. So that we can inform consumers and others in a timely manner if necessary. And so that we can work where our supervision is most needed. With our inspections and criminal investigations and with good services and communication, we stimulate entrepreneurs to comply with the rules. We assume trust. Companies that have their affairs in order don’t notice much of us. But we take firm action against entrepreneurs who are not so careful.

We also carry out inspections to enable import and export. Companies that comply with the legal provisions can safely market their products and animals. Because with proper compliance with the laws and regulations, they strengthen confidence in their own products as well as in the trading position of the Netherlands.

The NVWA consists of 4 directorates, Enforcement, Inspection, Strategy and Internal Organization.


For more information about this vacancy:

Mr Richard van Buuren


The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) invites you to apply on their site. Via the ‘Apply’ button if you leave this site, go directly to the application form. Central government values ​​a diverse and inclusive organization. Working in diverse teams makes us more effective, more innovative and the work more fun. Everyone is therefore invited to apply.