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The area of ​​ERic Schwiezer AG in 2020.

From coffee to seeds for innovative green manures, from mineral oil to the soil laboratory. Eric Schweizer AG has an eventful history.

In November 1840, the company founders Jakob and Magdalena Schweizer opened a grocery store in Thun’s old town. Jakob Schweizer took all kinds of grain and seeds on the market ship to Bern, where he sold his goods at the Kornhaus. In 2020 Eric Schweizer AG will celebrate its 180th anniversary.

The company’s fields of activity have changed significantly over the years. While food, coffee and mineral oil were still traded in the early days, in addition to seeds for agriculture, they are now also products for lawn care and food for pets. According to a statement from Eric Schweizer AG, it has always been the company’s management strategy to build on core competencies and develop them in a future-proof manner. With this in mind, laboratory services for soil, the environment and water have also been added to the portfolio.

In 1990 the lbu (laboratory for soil and environmental analysis) was founded. With the takeover of the UFAG laboratories in 2001, the lbu becomes the largest soil and environmental laboratory in Switzerland. In 2013, the export of fodder mixtures was intensified and a delivery platform was set up in France. With the groundbreaking ceremony for the new production and expanded logistics facilities in 2013, which was the largest investment in the company’s history to date, Eric Schweizer AG made a clear commitment to Thun as a location and to maintaining jobs in the region.