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Put a bunch of politicians in a Chamber, name the word « racism » and the faces will leave as if you have thrown the smelly corpse of a dead bird on the table in front of them

The theaters were allowed to open again without restrictions. And with success: we were able to enjoy a spectacle at the Binnenhof. At least, « enjoyment » is a big word: it was mainly a laugh not to cry. Because whoever followed the debate on racism in the House of Representatives on Wednesday probably also wonders: do our representatives have any idea what they are talking about?

Put a bunch of politicians in a Chamber, name the word « racism » and the faces will leave as if you have thrown the smelly corpse of a dead bird on the table in front of them. It is an intriguing sight: a kind of game that no one really understands the rules of the game. Because what the heck is institutional racism exactly?

Visually, the spectacle was a feast for the eyes. A stage, almost filled with snow-white men in blue suits. People fly over each other on a subject that none of them has personal experience with. Fortunately, they all have one for the occasion quickread on Wikipedia can do at the coffee machine. With these home garden and kitchen experts, we have the racism problem in no time solved.

Endgame Racism Exterminator
It was wonderfully embarrassing that Geert Wilders had to tell Jesse Klaver in the debate « wannabe-woke » that his party is mega white. Completely in line with the symbolism politics of GroenLinks and D66, who came up with « a Year of Slavery ». Both parties voted in favor of a new police law that gives police officers extra powers to use violence, while police violence was protested outside this theater in The Hague. Clover, as an endgame racism exterminator, couldn’t help telling us a sloppy 15 times that you better not call racists a racist. « You have to keep them there. »

But perhaps that was not the most painful. Party for the Animals started promisingly with a “No justice, no peace”, but of course it was a countdown until the jammed long-playing record of our animal friends sounded from the orchestra pit, which compared the confinement of animals to 300 years of slavery. Doesn’t it say enough about your worldview when you compare black people to animals? The same applies to Kees van der Staaij. In all his strangeness, he managed to drag the conversation about racism to the unprecedented depth of his anti-abortion doctrine with his « unborn lives matter ».

Let’s not lose Wilders!
Well, the utter ignorance of our people’s representation is cutting. And especially the lack of awareness to what extent they are guilty of this themselves. The PvdA supported racist proposals for years. Think of « Father Drees », who sent soldiers to Indonesia to kill the independence fighters. Or more recently: a false investigation bombarded Turkish youths into terrorists, introduced the burqa ban and preferred to receive refugees outside Europe.

Precisely according to Aristotelian principle, the climax followed the crisis: Mark Rutte’s crisis of conscience, that is. It is almost an art to talk so much and say so little. In any case, we still have to « fight » and « perk up » if we don’t like it. And Turkish flags, that makes him uncomfortable. It is allowed, but it is uncomfortable. In this free country. Zwarte Piet was affectionately called a youngster and Rutte does not apologize for the slavery past. That is polarizing and deters people. But more importantly, he doesn’t want to lose Wilders!

Now that the curtain is closing after the last act of an exasperating drama comedy, the fun is over. We give another round of applause for the effort: you should only fill in for eight hours with the kind of reproaches to others that you might as well have done to yourself! Institutional racism is still one issue that politics closes with a four-point plan, a set of motions and an evening chat. But the conclusion is that we have made no progress. The realization that we are talking here about the full institutional set-up of our society and everyone who is part of it has still not landed.

Anyway, for now the homogeneous variety of white men straightens the tie after this viewing game and can be reclined in those seats that he has occupied with his demography for many years. So that’s it, time for a bitterbal.