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Rapping Arjen Lubach scores points on Twitter with a new song – Insurance for Pets

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We all know Arjen Lubach for his sharp satire, but we must not forget that he is also musically skilled. So he shared in his theater show with Better in Bed from a musical disc, he rapped everyone under the table at 538 and scored a hit with Merol last summer. A season Sunday with Lubach is therefore not complete without musical input and last weekend it was a hit again.

The reason for the song was News hour. The well-known news program recently invited party leaders for a lively interview. Not a little chat about hobbies and pets, but a conversation with content. If you, as politicians, want to hold your ground here, you must be well prepared and have your story in order.

Lubach pays tribute to Nieuwsuur in disguise

These kinds of substantive and critical interviews are very valuable for the voter. News hour punches through the nice talk and so this interview is a real test for the party leaders. In an ideal world, all the big names would line up, but unfortunately that is not the case. To the great disappointment of Arjen Lubach, Farid Azarkan and Geert Wilders have announced that they do not want to come by.

In the Sunday with Lubach-item about this, he briefly passes the apologies given by both gentlemen. It is not all that strong, but Arjen Lubach understands somehow that she is not going to News hour to dare. He summarizes that fear in a creative way in the song below.

Arjen Lubach has the hit Empire State of Mind taken as a basis and provided with new text. The rapper himself takes over the part of Jay-Z and invited Sosha Duysker to play the role of Alicia Keys. Together they transform the musical hymn about the city of New York into a song about why you shouldn’t go to News hour have to go.

Twitter is fan

A very successful parody, as it turned out on Twitter. Although there was again quite a bit of criticism on Sunday with Lubach, the tweets aimed at the song were especially positive.

Criticism of Zondag with Lubach

As mentioned, the reactions to the song were positive, but around that there was again a lot of negativity. We say again, because also last week was Sunday with Lubach tackled hard on Twitter. You can read here why there was criticism and now a lot of people are angry again.

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Rapping Arjen Lubach scores points on Twitter with a new song

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