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Quote du Jour | Ode to the Klootjesvolk – Insurance for Pets

The bad suggestion is that the common man is guided by his underbelly, where the intellectual, aka the “right-thinking Dutchman”, would be led by reason. But the common man knows reality very well. Often better than the academics in their white neighborhoods, who like to spread their trendy views as morally superior, as the Better Thoughts. While there is absolutely self-interest in them. Globalization offers highly educated career opportunities, but is often a threat to practically educated people. « 

In Ode to the Klootjesvolk historian and former policitus Coos Huijsen dislikes the complacent, sane, highly educated elite, who disdain the common man, but who has the institutional power to profoundly influence the life of the common man.

No new theme for Huijsen: he warned almost thirty years ago in his book The left is not lost yet that the party framework of the PvdA had become detached from the traditional constituency: the white worker. The progressive higher educated people were in charge and thought they knew what was good for the common man. In the UK, we are seeing the same process, with the white working class turning over en masse to the Conservatives.

The Financieel Dagblad has an appealing interview with Huijsen. This one hits nails with heads. The thinking elite also have an underbelly, and this is said to be for less educated people.