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Another dog in my area is wearing dog socks these days. Supposedly because Ollie has sensitive legs. But the joke in our circle of friends is that he gets worn out foot pads from all the walks he has to take to satisfy his owner’s pedometer. By the way, those leg protectors Ollie will be a sausage, he is also having a great time. Thanks to corona, the dog comes more often than ever to the beach, the moor and the countryside and is surrounded at home by people who want to play and cuddle with him.

Dog owners must ensure that their four-legged friend does not get into a post-lockdown depression, you read that everywhere. When we go back to the horticulture en masse, the change for pets will be big. Not only will their daily rhythm be disrupted, they will also receive less attention and be alone again more often. This can lead to separation anxiety and other dog misery.

For the time being they are having the time of their lives. During the Sunday walk in the woods with my loaner dog I did not know what I saw, it was so busy. Dogs played with each other and jumped into the pond together while their owners used the dog for a walk with friends.

According to trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas, 2020 was the year of the pets, we went in search of a comfort cat or a cuddly dog. The shelters noticed that. The dogs and cats that are still there are often beasts with a backpack. Or corona dogs and cats that turn out to be an impulse purchase and are returned three months later.

Bakas states that the pet will remain popular next year. Nice news! If we also realize that the loan dog is sometimes even more fun. Or at least a better plan.

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