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More and more tourists are coming to observe the bottlenose dolphins on the Catalan coast, thanks to silent electric boats. Extremely sociable, they allow themselves to be approached, but should not be touched.

The eyes of the children are riveted on the open sea, full of hope. For tourists on vacation in Argelès-sur-Mer (Pyrénées-Orientales), very quickly, it is wonder. Bottlenose dolphins, the most visible species in the Mediterranean, will accompany them for long minutes. Curious and playful, the cetaceans twirl and pass under the bow. The boat slows down to prevent them from taking risks. With the electric boat, there are less vibrations. The dolphins seem to like it, and so do the tourists. « I didn’t expect to see so many »rejoices a woman.

2,350 dolphins near the Mediterranean coast

The bottlenose dolphin can swim up to 45 km/h and measure up to four meters in length. At the last census in 2021, scientists counted 2,350 near the Mediterranean coasts. To find out if the population of bottlenose dolphins is increasing in the Mediterranean, scientists should soon launch a new count.

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