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Websites use technologies to increase user-friendliness and to make the website as interesting as possible for every visitor. Best-known examples of these types of technologies are cookies. Cookies can be used by website owners or third parties, such as advertisers, who communicate via the website that you visit.

We believe it is very important that you know and understand which cookies we propose to use on our websites and for what purposes we do this. In the text below you can find all information about this.

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Our websites use cookies for:

  • Saving your preferences, such as language, location, the desired number of search results to display, etc.
  • Saving settings for an optimal video display, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen
  • Offering the option to save login details so that you do not have to enter them again and again
  • Reading your browser settings to optimally display our website on your screen
  • Detecting misuse of our websites and services, for example by registering a number of consecutive failed login attempts
  • Evenly burdening the website, so that the website remains accessible
  • Make it possible to respond to our websites
  • Remembering products that you add to your shopping basket while shopping online
  • Remembering information that you enter on the various pages during checkout or ordering, so that you do not have to re-enter all your details each time
  • Loading push notifications, if you choose this
  • Passing on information from one page to the next, for example if a long survey is being filled in or if you have to enter a lot of data with an online order
  • Detecting bugs or other problems with the code of the site

Below is a list of the cookies and technologies that our sites use within this category:

  • Adblock detect (own technology)
  • Adobe Typekit
  • Drupal
  • Facebook connect
  • Freewheel
  • Gigya
  • Google IMA
  • Google Maps
  • Google Publisher tags
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Google Save Frame
  • Hello Bar
  • Myfonts Counter
  • Push Engage
  • Sourcepoint
  • SSO
  • SUMO
  • User snap

To determine which parts of the website are most interesting for our visitors, we constantly try to measure how many visitors come to our website and which items are viewed the most. We use cookies for this.

Statistics are made of the information we collect with these cookies. These statistics give us insight into how often our web pages are visited and where visitors generally spend the most time. This enables us to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly as possible. We do not trace the statistics and other reports to people.

Below is a list of the cookies that our sites use within this category:

  • Boomerang
  • Chartbeat
  • CIM / Gemius
  • CO2stats
  • comScore
  • Content Insights
  • Conviva
  • Crazy Egg
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Formissimo
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hotjar
  • Moat
  • Optimize
  • Snowplow Javascript Tracker
  • Stats service
  • UserZoom
  • Visual Measures
  • Visual Website Optimizer

Our goal is to provide every visitor to our websites with information that is as relevant as possible to him or her. That is why we try to adapt the content of our websites to every visitor as much as possible.

These cookies allow us to use the following algorithms:

  • Recommend interesting articles based on previously read articles
  • Recommend interesting videos based on previously viewed videos
  • Recommend interesting topics based on already read topics

We use our own technology for this and also work together with the following partners:

  • Froomle
  • Gravity
  • Trackuity

Own cookies

To make advertisements as relevant as possible for you, we use cookies to get an idea of ​​your likely interests based on your click behavior on our websites. Based on these interests you can be included in certain segments, such as « man, age group 30 to 45, married and children, interest in football. » You will of course see other advertisements than the « woman, age category 20 to 30 years, unmarried, interest in travel » segments. When you create an account on our websites, we can also use your city, gender and age to place you in the right categories. We use cookies from the following partners for this:

  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce DMP

Third party cookies

We allow our advertisers to use cookies to keep track of the effectiveness of their campaigns on our sites, for example to measure how often their ads have been clicked on. In addition, we collaborate with advertising networks and media agencies, which act as intermediaries between advertisers and website managers. These parties place cookies on our websites in order to deliver advertisements, which they can do based on information they have previously collected about you on other sites.

We allow some advertising partners to also recognize you and reach you on other websites. This means that you can see advertisements on other websites based on your surfing behavior on our websites.

Specifically, we work with advertising technology from the following parties on our sites:

  • Adara Media Unlimited
  • Adikteev
  • ADITION technologies AG
  • AdMaxim Inc.
  • AdSpirit GmbH
  • ADventori SAS
  • AppNexus Inc.
  • Avocet Systems Limited
  • Beeswax 10 Corporation
  • Bid Theater AB
  • Blis Media Limited
  • Captify Technologies Limited
  • Conversant Europe Ltd.
  • Crimtan Holdings Limited
  • Criteo SA
  • Dataxu, Inc.
  • Emerse Sverige AB
  • Exponential Interactive, Inc
  • GroupM
  • Index Exchange, Inc.
  • Justpremium BV
  • LifeStreet Corporation
  • MediaMath, Inc.
  • Neustar Inc.
  • NEORY GmbH
  • Oath (EMEA) Limited
  • OpenX
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Purch Group, Inc.
  • Quantcast International Limited
  • RhythmOne, LLC
  • GmbH
  • RTB House S.A.
  • Sharethrough, Inc
  • Smart Adserver
  • Sovrn Holdings Inc
  • The Rubicon Project, Limited
  • Tradelab, SAS
  • TripleLift, Inc.

Our advertising partners can only collect information about your device on our sites, such as your IP address, browser type, operating system type, and information about your click behavior, such as the pages you visit. To let advertisers decide if they want to reach you, we send them limited segment information (for example: male, 20-30 years old). Your name, telephone number, home address or e-mail address will never be shared.

Our advertisements on other websites

Finally, we also use third-party cookies to show you advertisements about our own websites and services on other websites. For example, you can see advertisements elsewhere about our trial subscriptions when you have read a certain number of articles on our newspaper websites. For this we work together with the following partners:

You can share the articles and videos that you view on our website via social media. For the functioning of these buttons, cookies from social media networks are used, so that they recognize you when you want to share an article or video. In addition, social media networks also place cookies when we integrate their content in our articles, for example when an Instagram video is loaded.

For the cookies that the social media networks place and the possible data that they collect, we refer to the statements that these parties give on their own websites. Specifically, these are cookies from the following parties:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Shareaholic
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp

In the settings screen you can determine for what purposes you allow our websites to place cookies. Functional cookies will always be placed because they are needed to make the website work. Statistical cookies are also always loaded because the data we collect is not personal.

You can refuse cookies for all other purposes by choosing level 1. Please note: you will still see advertisements, only they will be context-bound and therefore not tailored to your preferences. You may also see the same advertisements more often. You can always call up the cookie settings menu via a link at the bottom of our websites to choose another setting.

In most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari you can determine in the settings which cookies you want to allow on your computer or device. In any browser you can also choose to delete all cookies that are already on your computer. Please note that you must adjust these settings separately for each browser on each device that you use. If you choose not to allow any kind of cookies in your browser, including functional cookies, this can have a negative impact on the functioning of our websites.

We will occasionally have to adjust the cookie policy above because, for example, our website or cookie regulations change. You will always find the most recent version on this page, and you will again be asked to make a cookie choice when this cookie policy changes.

This cookie policy applies to all websites of DPG Media Belgium. The controller for the processing of personal data is, depending on the website you visit, one of the following entities that are part of the group:

  • DPG Media NV, with registered office at Mediaplein 1, 2018 Antwerp, company number 0432.306.234, Tel .: 02 / 255.32.11, E-mail:
  • DPG Media Services NV, with registered office at Mediaplein 1, 2018 Antwerp, company number 0403.506.340, Tel. +32 2 454 22 11, Email:
  • MYENERGYCHOICE BVBA, with registered office at Mediaplein 1, 2018 Antwerp, company number 0885.082.834, Tel. +32 2 454 22 11, Email:
  • Mobile Vikings NV, with registered office at Kempische steenweg 309/1, 3500 Hasselt, company number: 0886.946.917, Tel .: +32 11 717 434, E-mail:
  • STIEVIE NV, with registered office at Mediaplein 1, 2018 Antwerp, company number 0536.453.550, Tel .: 02 / 255.32.11, E-mail:
  • JOE FM NV, with registered office at Mediaplein 1, 2018 Antwerp, company number 0469.992.615, Tel .: 02 / 255.32.11, E-mail:
  • TVBASTARDS NV, with registered office at 3190 Boortmeerbeek, Familielaan 7, company number 0445.055.103, Tel .: 02 / 255.32.11, E-mail:
  • BITES EUROPE NV, with registered office at 1800 Mediaplein 1, 2018 Antwerp, company number 0466.252.967, Tel .: 02 / 255.32.11, E-mail:

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