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On Sunday, October 25th, the clocks will be set back from three to two at night. This means stress for pets too – if you don’t prepare them for it.

Even if the sun keeps showing up over Berlin, one can say with certainty: Autumn is here! In the evening it gets dark earlier and often bitterly cold. Our pets also feel the changes in the dark season. They also suffer from the clock change – as do many people. Animal rights activists advise: Pet owners should prepare their pets now for the changeover of the clocks on October 25th.

Going for a walk, grabbing food, playing: Many pets, whether dogs or cats, get used to the fixed daily routines over time – and react sensitively to every change. If the clocks are changed, the animals also face a challenge. If the feed suddenly arrives an hour late, the animal goes hungry – and has no explanation.

“Most pets have a fixed rhythm in everyday life. Dogs and cats in particular have got used to certain routines, ”says Sarah Ross, pet expert at the animal welfare organization“ Four Paws ”. Even now, at least one week before the time change, masters and mistresses can get their animals used to the new processes, « by delaying feeding times, walking or resting periods by around ten minutes every day, » says Ross.

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The time change is a problem not only for four-legged friends, but also for many two-legged friends. A representative survey by DAK-Gesundheit showed last year: Almost every third German suffers from complaints when switching to winter time. Most people feel limp and tired, irritable, or have trouble falling asleep.

It can even lead to depressive moods. « Psychological problems that occur after the clock change are not unusual, » said Franziska Kath, a graduate psychologist, in an interview. “The best medicine is also the simplest: rest and a few days of patience.” More than three quarters of those surveyed were of the opinion that the time change should be abolished.

On Sunday, October 25th, the clocks will be set back from three to two at night. From then on, winter or normal time will apply again in all European countries.

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