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When the clocks go back an hour on October 25th, it’s not just people who have to adjust to the end of summer time. If the food ends up in the bowl later, this also means a change for many pets. Experts advise preparing the animals.

Pets notice changes in their daily routine

Most pets would feel it if something changed in their daily routine, explains Sarah Ross from the animal welfare foundation Vier Pfoten. She recommends delaying feeding, walking and napping by about ten minutes each day in the week before the time change.

Change slowly when administering medication

A slow changeover is particularly useful for pets that are given medication at fixed times. Overall, whether it is a dog or a cat is irrelevant: « How the pet deals with the change has to do with the individual character and is not species-specific, » says the animal expert.

Why prepare pets for the clock change

For example, some house cats would run after you, mewing when the feeding time deviated, while others would be less interested.

If the dog and cat are not prepared for the clock change, “nothing bad will happen,” says Ross, but points out: “For the owner himself, it can be more exhausting if the animal starts to complain if it does not arrive at the usual times the door is allowed. ”In this respect, step-by-step preparation could also be worthwhile for your own nerves.

A day with 25 hours

The end of summer time falls every year on the last Sunday in October, i.e. October 25th in 2020. At 3:00 a.m., the clocks are put back one hour. The hour from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. is therefore double, the day exceptionally has 25 hours.

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