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POV supports the struggle for liveability in the countryside – Insurance for Pets

Pig farming organization POV supports the struggle of farmers for the quality of life in their countryside and takes a stand against absurd agricultural policy that affects that quality of life. The POV therefore supports all efforts, from farmers who seek consultation to farmers who choose to protest or file a report against the government. There is currently a lot of reason for farming families to fight for their farming life.

Safety for farmers

Because how safe is it for farmers in the Netherlands? The recent pouring out of regulation on agriculture may seem acceptable to outsiders. But in practice it is absurd. It is absurd that civil servants want to prescribe a government menu for cows in order to be able to legally calculate nitrogen emissions from house building and road construction.

The Ministry of Agriculture has been in a state of legal chaos for over a year now, a chaos that the Ministry itself has created and about which it has been warned for years. The legal mistakes made by the government itself must not be put on the farmers’ plate by means of a legal (read: paper) solution. Which is happening now.

Support for protest

Throughout the country protests are taking place from farming families, parents and children, who stand up for their right to exist and life’s work. The POV supports the farmers’ protest.

1. The POV finds it unacceptable that agricultural professionals – almost all farmers are well and highly educated – are presented with theoretical solutions (a government menu for cows) that endanger the health and welfare of animals. The POV supports colleagues in dairy farming in this.

2. The POV finds it unacceptable that the government has ignored all practical solutions offered by the agricultural sector – there were many -. To then come up with paper solutions yourself. On the one hand, they serve little purpose, and on the other hand they pose a risk of damage.

3. The POV finds it unacceptable that the government creates an atmosphere around protests, in which even women and children end up in the police cell, as in Assen last week. The POV does not find it acceptable that the usually peaceful protests, which take place within the limits of the law, are treated aggressively and put away by the government.

4. The POV finds it unacceptable that the responsible ministers, Prime Minister Rutte and Deputy Prime Minister Carola Schouten, remain silent. While they are responsible for the current monstrosity of regulations and policy. The government underestimates the effect of its paper policy on farmers.

5. The POV would like to thank all farmers and citizens for their fight for a liveable countryside. A battle that is more than ever needed!

Source: POV