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Pets and Holidays: What Dog Owners and Cat Lovers Need to Know – Insurance for Pets

Most animals are better off at home than in the resort. But the grandparents or neighbors cannot always be harnessed as zookeepers. Questions and answers:

Should my pet travel with me?

Not all pets like to travel. While a dog prefers to accompany its owner everywhere, cats, birds and small pets such as guinea pigs should better stay at home, the veterinarians’ association advises. For most cats, driving is stressful, and they also feel uncomfortable in a foreign environment. Birds and small pets are extremely sensitive to heat. It is therefore advisable to find good care for such animals, if possible in a familiar environment.

How do I find a pet sitter for dogs and cats?

If it doesn’t work privately, there is a service for vacationers under the motto « If you take my animal, I take your animal ». Pet owners take care of their four- and two-legged friends. The contacts mediate among other things the local animal protection associations. You can also search for a suitable pet sitter through the local veterinary practice or on notice boards in the animal shelter.

What needs to be considered when choosing a pet boarding house?

In any case, pet owners should inquire about their pension at their veterinarian or at the local animal welfare association, as any complaints often arrive there. The animal welfare association advises to look at the qualifications of the carers and at the services, not only at the price.

Owners should also look at the pension themselves before the vacation and make sure that only vaccinated animals are accommodated there and that the dogs have a run. If the area in which the animals are housed cannot be visited, this is « not a good sign » from the perspective of animal rights activists.

What is the safest way to travel with a dog?

The dog should best be stored in a special transport box made of aluminum or another metal in the trunk. So-called soft boxes offer no protection in the event of an impact. Alternatively, the dog can be secured to its harness with a special seat belt for four-legged friends in the back seat. The animals find it very stressful to travel in the loud cargo hold of an airplane, but air travel is rare in Corona times anyway.

What needs to be considered abroad?

The host country’s entry requirements apply. Usually, examinations, vaccinations or applications for entry are necessary. In most European countries, a rabies vaccination is mandatory, which must have been at least 21 days prior to entry. In addition, a uniform pet ID must be carried, some countries also want to see official veterinary certificates for the four-legged friends.

Animal owners who want to travel to Finland or Malta, for example, must also have their animals treated for tapeworms. Dogs and cats must be labeled with a microchip or a legible tattoo. In addition, pet owners should find out about regional diseases such as leishmaniasis, which is dangerous for dogs in the Mediterranean.