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Passerby has to save dog and pants – RT German – Insurance for Pets

Maternal instinct turns a cat into a lioness: passer-by has to save dog and pants. (Symbol image)

Not only wild animals are guided by instincts. Pets also react in certain situations as if they were not domesticated. The child protection instinct is particularly evident. Even a cute cat can become a fearless lioness.

A viral video from Turkey suggests how selflessly a cat can defend its young. A security camera installed in Istanbul’s Bağcılar district filmed on October 20 how a velvet paw attacks a dog and its owner. The shot shows how the man walking for a walk pulls his four-legged friend on a leash to protect him from the cat. The kitty continues the merciless attack and climbs onto the man’s back, where he almost loses his pants. Only the intervention of eyewitnesses puts an end to the conflict.

Local residents shared the newspaper Republic with that the cat had previously had five young. The dog may have come too close to their litter. The master came away with numerous scratches, including on the face. It was not the first time that the kitty named Azman demonstrated her strong child protection instinct towards her fellow dogs and passing dogs.

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