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Party for the Animals: ‘Protocols fell short of the Wibenaheerd explosion’ – Groningen – Insurance for Pets

The party council of the Party for the Animals (PvdD) in Groningen is critical of the assistance and information provision after the explosion in a house on the Wibenaheerd in Beijum. The party asks written questions about this to the municipal administration.

According to PvdD member Terence van Zoelen, the safety of residents was at stake. They had to leave their house on Friday evening after an explosion occurred in one of the apartments in the building around half past eight. Late Friday evening, the police concluded that the building was safe.

Pets and medicines were not allowed to be collected for a long time

But on Saturday residents had to be evacuated again when explosive material was found in the building. « That makes me suspect that the initial investigation was not thorough enough and that many residents and pets were endangered, » says Van Zoelen. He also feels that mistakes were made during the second evacuation on Saturday.

Van Zoelen especially criticizes the fact that residents were not given the opportunity to collect medicines or pets for a long time. His party partner Wesley Pechler lives in the Wibenaheerd and was terrified on Saturday evening for his dog Boy. « How do the protocols in such situations provide for the protection of animals? » Van Zoelen asks the city council.

« Reportedly, a lady has not been evacuated »

But it’s not just about animal safety. A woman would also have been too afraid to leave her home alone; her husband, who was already outside, was not allowed to pick her up. « This lady is said to have not been evacuated, » says Van Zoelen. « Is this correct? Does the Commission share our feeling that the protocols have failed significantly here? ”

During the rest of the weekend, communication between emergency services and residents was messy, according to the Party for the Animals. For example, residents who waited on Saturday night in a community center were informed much earlier than those who were elsewhere.

« The picture is that, despite the central reception, residents always had to gather pieces of information to stay informed, » says Van Zoelen. He calls on the mayor and aldermen to evaluate the course of the communication.

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