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Pairi Daiza zoological park, a benchmark in the field – Insurance for Pets

It is a little well-hidden treasure that few visitors have the privilege of observing: two baby red pandas of a month and a half that make the happiness of their caretakers. « The female can move them from place to place, you really have to be there at the right time to see them », says one of them. With nearly 7,000 animals, and more than 2 million visitors last year, the Pairi Daiza zoological park is a benchmark. Its 75 hectares with multiple universes are a feast for the eyes.

Due to the health crisis, the park opened two months late. Managers had to rethink activities and attendance. Today, activities such as the essential elephant bath are no longer indicated on the visitors’ program. « It is to avoid that there are too many people who come to gather here, and that we try to keep a maximum distance between the visitors », explains a healer.

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