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Posted on 09/30/2020 at 12:37 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougéin the category Miscellaneous facts

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A study carried out in a Canadian university found a significant improvement in the physical activity of dog owners during the health crisis linked to the new coronavirus. The next step will be to follow the evolution of the weight of the canines and their owners.

A team of researchers at theMcgill university, situated at Montréal in Canada, launched last July a programme national of well-being and of health online. Entitled  » Family fitness mission », It spread over 6 weeks, during which more than 200 adults have registered.

These were the subject of a daily monitoring of their activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. They also benefited from a social support and a health coaching provided on a voluntary basis by medical students.

The study enabled them to compare levels ofphysical activity daily among dog owners and in people who are not accompanied by canines. In total, 29 participants with at least one dog and 68 others who did not, were followed.

The authors of this work first discovered that canine owners had recorded 9 more days of activity over the period that participants without a dog.

More edifying still, people accompanied by dogs carried out the equivalent of 122 km walk during the duration of the program, which gives an average of 3 km per day.

The study therefore shows that dogs help their owners to preserve or even improve their physical form, and therefore their well-being and health, in delicate periods as is the case with the current one health crisis linked to the novel coronavirus.

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Now the researchers will follow theweight evolution dogs and their owners over a period of 6 months. Previous studies having, in fact, noted a tendency to weight gain during the pandemic in most countries. Several causes are mentioned to explain this trend: a less physical activity, l’social isolation and the bad eating habits especially.

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