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« Over half a million bird sightings were reported » to the LPO during containment – Insurance for Pets

During confinement, the Bird Protection League proposed to individuals to identify species in the gardens. A bird counting device that has met with great success. The LPO calls on the French to continue.

« More than half a million observations have been reported to us, there are more than 80,000 gardens registered on the program », welcomed this Friday, May 22 on franceinfo Laurent Couzi, ornithologist and manager of the knowledge service of the Bird Protection League, about the device for counting birds offered to individuals during confinement. During this participatory study, the French did not observe « of rare species » from their gardens, but « very common birds ». The objective of this program was rather to listen « the background noise of common birds around us to take a look at how they are doing and to make an indicator of the health of this group », explains Laurent Couzi.

He calls on the French to continue these observations, « to spend ten minutes looking at what is in your garden », « to be attentive to these species » even during deconfinement, proposing « the last weekend of May, a new count ». Attention coupled with a few gestures in favor of the environment. Laurent Couzi thus claims to the French who have a garden of « leave a patch of lawn not mowed », « to avoid the use of so-called phytosanitary products, which kill either vegetation or insects ». « Most bird species during nesting will consume a lot of insects », he explains.

Laurent Couzi and his team from the LPO are now trying to find out what confinement « produced on birds ». « We can’t answer like that right away, it’s a bit early « , he explains. « With the Museum, we are trying to organize ourselves to do this analytical work, probably when the birds have lowered their activity a little and when they will give us some respite », he specifies.

Asked about the organization on January 11, 2021 by France of a One Planet Summit in Marseille, on biodiversity, Laurent Couzi welcomes the announcement of Emmanuel Macron, believing that these summits are « important ». He ensures that the Bird Protection League is « invited » at this summit. « It is important, as for containment, that everyone takes responsibility » and realizes « gestures easy to do on a daily basis, even if it does not change the world because locally, on its scale, we can have effects very, very quickly », he notes. But he claims to know « limits » of these peaks.