Insurance for Pets

« On World Wildlife Day the animals will also be well cared for » – Daily newspaper Suriname – Insurance for Pets

Wildlife stands for
all non-domestic plants and animals. Domestication was created by a
mutual dependence between humans and animals, causing animals through selection
as pets / farm animals. So these animals had one
specific function for humans, such as monitoring, hunting guidance, the
produce meat, eggs, wool, etc.

In the Paramaribo Zoo
more than 75% of the population consists of Surinamese wild animals that pass through
seizure, shelter (for example, injured wild animals) and as ex-pets
are housed or were born here from wild animals. Especially at the in
confiscated animals and ex-pets is the case with certain people in the
society is not yet clear what the difference is between one
domestic animal and a wild animal. An animal that gets out of the forest
and put in a cage or a rope is not immediately one
pet. Thousands of years correspond here. To give an example: at the
The dog started the domestication process more than 14,000 years ago.

Wild animals that anyway
being kept as pets can cause a lot of serious damage. This
can be both psychological and physical, because they are not their natural
have been able to express behavior with the right social provisions
received the wrong care. Many of these animals
would therefore not survive if they were put back in the
nature. They no longer understand their peers, they don’t know what food they eat
can eat and / or do not know the natural dangers. Although they are in the wild
cannot return, they are not immediately domesticated. A wild animal
remains a wild animal with all its dangers. We are then for example
also unable to safely enter the residence with the jaguars or with
a monkey to go the way you treat your dog or cat.

In the Paramaribo Zoo
They try every day to give all animals their own value as much as possible
and ensure that they maintain their natural behavior as much as possible
can express or learn again. In short: the animal as much as possible again
to let themselves be.

To people who
thinking about taking a pet (both wild and domestic!)
gives the Paramaribo Zoo the tip: Think
first carefully and find out what the relevant animal needs and set
ask yourself the following questions: Do you have sufficient time, sufficient resources, sufficient
offer social (animal specific) facilities? As well as: May I have the animal
keep it? Most wild animals are not even allowed by law
be like pets. Examples are the kwatta monkeys, howler monkeys, owls
and birds of prey and much more. With the LBB game wardens you can
Always gather information or you are not working illegally before you have an animal
purchase. During this World Wildlife Day there will be no specific
activities in the Paramaribo Zoo are planned. “During the World Animal Day in
October we commemorate every year all animals, and thus also the wild animals. The
animals will be looked after as well as they can every day
the caregivers can expect, with as much attention as possible to them
needs and the possibilities to offer them these ”.