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The inner city of Freiberg on Monday evening: fewer shop windows than before the corona crisis are illuminated, the darkness yawns from the others. Most shops are closed on Tuesday morning. Only pharmacies, opticians, hearing aid shops and stores that sell groceries are open. These include bakeries and pastry shops, the Bergmann butcher’s shop, the two fish shops, the drugstore, the Franke medical supply store, the supermarkets, the Vorwerk Podemus organic store, the two Siggis Sachsenkauf shops, the « Mäc Geiz » market, the Andaluza wine shop and the Arabian shop , Tobacco and liquor stores and vegetable shops. There are often signs that customers should keep their distance and only a limited number are allowed in the store.

Craft businesses are an exception. « Watchmakers can offer repairs, but customers can only enter individually, » says watchmaker Henning Pätz. Only one customer used it on Tuesday. The FTT television technology business in Petersstrasse also offers repair and antenna construction services after telephone consultation. Anyone who walks by during the day can still look forward to a sound system with Joe Cocker & Co.

Many other closed shops, such as the large chains such as « Blume 2000 », « Tchibo », « Intersport » and « Hunkemöller », have internet offers or the possibility to order by phone. The booksellers are in charge. The bookstores « Seitenweise » ( and « Glück auf ( refer to their online offers. Heike Wenige from the paperback shop even gives reading tips in videos on Facebook. ( ) « Delivery is possible to your home or by post, » said Heike Wenige.

Also the Möhrl tea house (www.teehausmö, the Freiberg porcelain shop (, photographer master Nicole Weber ( and the « Freie Presse » ( have an online shop. Annette Haber from Bodega Andaluza says: « We have had an internet shop for 20 years. It works great. » In contrast, Anke Krause, the owner of a stationery store, only started building up an online trade four days ago. « My children support me in this, » says the boss of the Freiberg trade association. And she adds: « I can only encourage retailers to get tips from their children, young employees and trainees who are on the go on social media, because they have this competence. » Anke Krause has already served the first customers online. « Now I have time to familiarize myself with it. And I hope that this will help me in the future and that I can use the crisis as an opportunity. » The trade association does not plan to set up its own online shops for dealers. « Discussions are currently underway with the city administration to publish the offers of the shops on the city’s website, » said Anke Krause.

The « Free Press » offers companies and initiatives free help:

Business is increasingly relying on the Internet

An online catalog Liane Rickert, owner of the new shop « Lianes Webdesign und Fotografie », wants to create for the traders in Mittweida together with the trade ring and the city. The owners can offer their products and services there. « I was approached by some dealers whose existence was threatened, » said the entrepreneur. The aim of the online catalog is to bring regional retailers closer to their customers and not to lose the market in the corona crisis. The service will be free for traders. « In order not to burden the dealers financially, I pay for the catalog, » says Rickert. This should later be supplemented by a Stadtonlineshop. Interested parties can contact Liane Rickert until March 25, call 0176 30685055 or

Sandy Löbel had to close their children’s shop Malu in Rochlitz for the time being. She is currently using social media, recording small videos and presenting toys. « We want to stay in people’s memories. » They take orders by phone or e-mail – the goods are then sent by post.

The Bar Academy in Flöha currently offers reduced vouchers for courses and cocktails, says owner Tilo Erdmann (

The specialist dealer Boxolutions from Brand-Erbisdorf offers in its online shop (, for example, Easter grass, cuddly wood wool for pets and ziplock bags. (efh / hh / cdo)