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Note: Daylight saving time will start tonight – Insurance for Pets

BARNEVELD Daylight saving time will start next night. At 02:00 the clock goes forward one hour. That means an hour less sleep. And also that it gets a little later in the morning from Sunday and dark in the evening.

Daylight saving time is the time used during the summer. The clock is then moved forward one hour. This is done because the sun rises earlier in summer. By moving the clock forward, the period of daylight and the period that people are awake are most similar. Daylight Saving Time in the European Union runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

HISTORY First, the daily rhythm was adjusted to the time. For example, the day of the Romans started when the sun rose and ended when it set again. Different proposals were made in 1895 and 1907, but it was not possible to convince everyone, so there was no summer time. Not until the First World War did many countries start using daylight saving time. The oil crisis caused almost every European country to use daylight saving time. This was mainly because we saved money during summer time. When the sun shines, the light simply does not have to be switched on, so street lights and lamps in the house will switch on later.

CRITICAL Many people think a lot an hour ahead. Because the Benelux, for example, is already 35 minutes ahead of solar time, an extra hour is quite a lot. Another criticism of some people is the difficult switchover. Plant growers experience problems with this. The climate for the crop does not change and so the growers have to take this into account. Some domesticated animals may also suffer from the switch to summer time. For example, cows or some pets expect their owners to eat at a certain time and due to summer time this is suddenly changed. Wildlife does not suffer from this, of course. Since in the wild they have nothing to do with something like a clock or time. People, especially children and the elderly, do not immediately adapt. In the week after daylight saving time is set, these people are at risk of fatigue.

Summer time 2020 lasts until Sunday, October 25.