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No visit for dogs and cats – Insurance for Pets

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in the animal shelter Oil show there is calm. In any case, more than usual. Not just because the home that the Animal welfare association Borna operates, currently only half occupied with dogs and cats. « The home is for him Visitor traffic closed, ”says club boss Michaela Angermann.

Sufficient food for the animals

Found animals are still housed in the home despite Corona. Otherwise no animals are accepted. But inquiries about missing animals are still possible. Two volunteers come almost daily and take the dogs for a walk, says the association’s chairwoman. And at least: Even in Corona times, the club has enough food for the pets. However, money is still missing now.

Currently in animal shelter houses two dogs and 15 cats. The house can accommodate 16 dogs and 30 cats.

Michaela Angermann is chair of the animal protection association Borna.
Source: Andreas Doering

Animal welfare association Borna – a turning foundation

Of the Animal welfare association Borna has 80 members. It was founded in the turnaround. The association does that animal shelter Oil showthat has been around since 1994.

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By Nikos Natsidis

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