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NMV: Idiotic measures must be dropped, summary proceedings last hope – Insurance for Pets

At the end of last year, Minister Schouten was already warned by us that the feed measure / emergency act is a dead end. All possible guidelines were provided by all sector parties, in order to achieve a better elaboration together with the sector. And all these guidelines have been rejected. Today, during a meeting with the dairy working group, it turned out that there is no point in continuing to talk.

Anyone who does not want to hear should feel. The Dutch Dairy Farmers’ Union (NMV) no longer wishes to burden its members with idiotic measures, alternatives that no one can support anymore and is placing its last hope on the preliminary relief proceedings of Stichting Stikstof Claim.

Dairy working group

In the past two months, the NMV has worked in the dairy working group, together with LTO dairy farming, NAJK, DDB and Netwerk GRONDig, to develop and discuss a practical, feasible and affordable feed measure. There have been several discussions with LNV about this. At the start of this dairy working group, 3 steps are marked:

  • The feeding measure must be completely removed from the table
  • Make proposals for alternatives / improvements
  • Legally figuring out and challenging the feeding measure to the core

The dairy working group’s first attempt to get the measure off the table failed. As well as the 6 alternatives / improvements. This failed on the basis of legal tenability, bookability and not being able to count back on hexagon level.

Interview with veterinarians of the KNMvD and feed experts

The clock is now clicking. LNV eventually entered into talks with veterinarians of the KNMvD and feed experts. That which we have been warning for all the time has been confirmed once again, the feeding measure is a monstrosity, harms animal health and welfare. This is a no go. Subsequently, the Harbers / Geurts motion was passed. They ask for a calculation by the PBL of the proposals submitted by the dairy cattle group. In addition, the Stikstof Claim Foundation (SSC) asks for substantiation of the LNV feed measure and the matrix used in it.

Interim injunction from Stichting Stikstof Claim

This morning, during the consultation with the dairy cattle group, it became apparent once again that further consultation with LNV is pointless. The initiation of summary proceedings by SSC is always postponed because LNV is “still in talks with the sector”. And LNV does not provide any numerical substantiation, it does not provide anything at all. When discussions with the sector are getting in the way of SSC’s preliminary relief proceedings, it is not wise to speak further. The NMV sticks to the agreements made at the start of the dairy working group to go through all the steps. It is now time to give space to SSC’s preliminary relief proceedings. The alternative provided by the dairy working group is now far too far from what we can still explain to our members. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has had 8 weeks to discuss alternatives in the sector and the time has now passed. From now on, the NMV (like the DDB) no longer supports the alternative of the dairy cattle working group and has therefore no longer joined the conversation with LNV this afternoon. NMV stops all talks.

Source: NMV