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New contact point for animal lovers in Dortmund – Insurance for Pets

Food, toys, accessories and even beds: the new and second Dortmund branch of the « Das Futterhaus » group of companies offers over 12,000 articles for pets. The opening is on February 20 (Thursday) in the Indupark, Wulfshofstraße 1.

In addition to and the Danish bed warehouse, “Das Futterhaus” is the third specialty shop in the former electronics store Berlet. Another branch is located in the garden city.

Daniel Goldmann (28) will lead the approximately 600 square meter market as an independent entrepreneur and employ a team of four there.

Futterhaus offers « Unpacked Concept »

The company is proud of its “unpacked concept” of the feed bar: “Snacks for dogs as well as food and supplies for birds and small animals can be portioned at will and by hand,” said press spokeswoman Ricarda Gürne.

On the first three opening days, there are 20 percent coupons for customers, Daniel Goldmann reveals. With the « feed card » customer card, you can also save two percent on every purchase.

The company is not afraid of the close competition from the “Megazoo” branch on Borussiastraße: “The bird feeder is located in an attractive market environment and is conveniently located. The offer complements our second store in Dortmund very well, ”says Ricarda Gürne.