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In Hessen, cats, dogs and other pets keep disappearing. Now the LKA publishes terrifying numbers.

  • Always disappear in Hesse Pets and Farm animals.
  • The police has registered dozens of cases where Animals allegedly stolen.
  • The loss of their protégés often leaves deep wounds on the keepers.

Hesse – They are called « Bobby », « Spiky » and « Mili ». Sometimes they are too young to have names, sometimes they feel like they have lived with their owners for ages. Sometimes they have four paws, sometimes hooves, sometimes wings. But they all have one thing in common: these Animals out Hesse are or were considered missing – and in many cases even as stolen.

Hessen: Animals Stolen or Disappeared – Police Record Dozens of Cases

Always disappear in Hessen pets or farm animals. The police recently registered dozens of cases in which dogs, cats and the like became stolen goods. Perhaps the most notorious at the moment is the case of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crossbreed « Bobby »who disappeared from the shelter in Butzbach (Wetteraukreis) in early June. This has never happened before, says facility manager Claudia Maid. A shock for the animal shelter – but not an isolated case with a view of the entire federal state.

Dog Bobby was stolen from the animal shelter in Butzbach (Hessen).

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2019 went by Hesse’s police a total of 59 criminal charges for allegedly stolen Pets a, as reported by the State Criminal Police Office (LKA). 37 of these concerned advertisements dogs, eleven Cats, seven ads went due to missing Rabbits a. Cases were also reported in the area of ​​livestock or wild animals: those that affected most of the 126 advertisements fishes, followed by sleep (18) and Birds (14). According to the LKA, the statistics only list the number of advertisements, not that of stolen animals on. A real figure? Probably. Few cases are as well documented as the following.

  • In kassel At the beginning of July 2020 someone cuts a hole in the door of the new dog house with a bolt cutter in a shelter – probably to steal one of the four-legged friends. The dachshund-sized escapes during the break-in Crossbreed bitches Luna and Lexi, reports * When the police later try to catch them, one of the panicked animals bites an officer. The dogs disappeared even days later.
  • In April 2020, a walk in Mainz-Bischofsheim the Chihuahua male « Spiky » kidnapped. A friend snatches the family dog ​​of the 17-year-old owner. She makes serious reproaches because she couldn’t protect her darling, as her mother tells *. But there is one happy end: A third woman reports to the police and reports the location of « Spiky ».
  • In Frankfurt-Seckbach will be two in April 2020 lambs stolen from a pasture. The ewe bleated for two days « because it was looking for its lambs, » says the horrified Hobby shepherd. The animals were still scared even days later, he also notes. It is not the first time that someone has grasped his lambs.
  • In Kriftel (Main-Taunus-Kreis) two will disappear in May 2020 Dog puppies from a breeder’s garden. It is only a few weeks old Malamute. The police estimate the value of one of the cute tapers at least 1200 euros. A few days later a woman with one of the dogs Main embankment in Frankfurt discovered. The police intervene. How the woman got the dog remains unclear. There is no trace of the second puppy.
  • Also Birds are the target of thefts. Just like in Bad Hersfeld, where a total of 30 homing pigeons were stolen in 2017. Total value according to the police: 20,000 euros. German Carrier pigeons are in demand internationally because of their good genes, their beauty and their reliability, explains an expert on *.
  • In Limburg In November 2019, criminals rob ten ornamental birds from an aviary. Not just the loss of eight canaries and two Zebra Finches but the animal owners have to complain. The day after the break-in, they also find the lifeless bodies of two other birds in the cage.

Hessen: Thieves of stolen animals are rarely found

In most Cases from stolen animals in Hesse the perpetrators and background remain unknown – but there are speculations as to what might be behind it. « As a rule, it is probably an isolated case, if Animals out Homes be stolen, ”says Moira Gerlach, specialist for pets at the German Animal Welfare Association. Basically, it is conceivable that when Animals in some cases by one organized criminal business could trade, for example, the trade in pedigree dogs is very lucrative. However, she is not aware of any evidence of « such criminal acts on a large scale ».

Some perpetrators also tried to get a « list dog » in this way, said Gerlach. Such is an animal too Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crossbreed « Bobby » Butzbach. His former owner lacked permission to keep the dog breed classified as dangerous, so he had to hand it over. « There are also said to have been cases in which the former owner brought his animal back or in which an interested party could not accept that no mediation was possible, » said Gerlach. The search for « Bobby » and the other missing animals Hesse continues. (dpa / ag) * op-online, and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.