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Municipality warns of possible botulism in standing water – Insurance for Pets

Photo: Municipality of Oosterhout

The municipality warns on its website for possible botulism in standing water in and around Oosterhout, which causes dogs to be seen.

Botulism in stagnant water

Several dogs who have all swum in still water have become ill. The Brabant North Environment Agency assumes that the animals have become ill due to botulism. Botulism is a contagious form of food poisoning. Especially waterfowl and fish die from this. The bacteria that causes botulism multiplies quickly when there are dead birds or fish in the water. Or when the water rises above 20 degrees Celsius. Be careful not to let your dog drink or swim in standing water. It is not yet known whether the poisoned dogs on the Vrachelse Heide also died from botulism. That investigation is still ongoing.

What can you do about it?

Botulism has not occurred in humans for a long time in the Netherlands. However, as a precaution, it is better not to swim, surf or play in water in which dead animals have been found. It is also advisable to keep pets away from dead animals and the water in which they have been found. To prevent the spread of botulism, it is important that dead animals are cleared up as soon as possible. Therefore, do not touch the dead animals, but report the dead animals and the location to the water board on telephone number 076 – 564 1000 or the municipality 14 0162.