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Municipales 2020. The Animalist Party presents its complete list in Le Havre – Insurance for Pets

They are between 28 and 79 years old and are gathered around Béatrice Canel Depitre. In Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), who are the candidates on the Animalist Party list?

On February 10, 2020, Béatrice Canel Depitre filed for the Animalist Party, the first complete list for the Municipalities in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime). (© Archives M-B / 76actu)

It’s the first time that Animalist party , which was created three years ago, therefore presents a list for municipal at Haven (Seine Maritime). Gathered around Béatrice Canel Depitre, university lecturer who are the 59 candidates and two alternates?

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Runners aged 28 to 79

« We can see that the animal cause is a real societal expectation, we must respond by presenting lists », indicated the head of the list of the Animalist Party in Le Havre, Béatrice Canel Depitre to 76actu last November. The latter, already a candidate for European women, therefore submitted her list to the sub-prefecture on February 10. « This is the first complete list to be recorded, » says campaign director Patrick Verneuil.

« According to a 2019 IFOP survey, 72% of French people find it important that the candidates for the municipal elections of March 2020 commit to concrete measures in terms of animal protection. This strong expectation of the population has so far found no favor in the eyes of the political parties that have succeeded each other at the Town Hall. The Animalist Party, by carrying the Le Havre Animaliste list, will finally allow the people of Le Havre to express themselves in this sense, « explains the head of the list again.

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The list presented by the Animalist Party in Le Havre

1. Béatrice Canel-Depitre, 65, 65, lecturer at the University,
2. Verneuil Patrick, 65, retired,
3. Pascaline Wittkowski (57 years old),
4. Joachim
Legendre (32) host host,
5. Audrey
Yon (37) English teacher,
6. Nicolas
Saint-Martin (29 years old) sales promoter,
7. Annie Potter (73 years old) retired,
8. Yoann Lamy,
9. Elisabeth Leblond (65) retired,
10. David Pareÿt (49 years old) civil servant,
11. Sarah Dehier (44) saleswoman,
12. Kewin Cavelier (28) gardener,
13. Erika Lucas,
14. Guillaume Mol (38) health insurance executive,
15. Maureen Yon (33) lawyer,
16. Steeve Lemoine,
17. Marielle Jean (48) commercial assistant,
18. Bruno Sautet (51) prevention advisor,
19. François Roux (76) retired,
20 .Eddy Marchet (48 years old) logistics team member,
21. François Pareÿt (55 years old) retired,
22. Jean-Marc Miquet (51) senior attaché,
23. Hélène Rose (28),
24. Frédéric Lecomte (52) engineer,
25. Cynthia Levacher, carer,
26. Christophe De Bray (49) caregiver,
27. Nathalie Letulle (56) architect,
28. Pascal Jacq (69) retired,
29. Catherine Troplain,
30. Kevin Monnier,
31.Elodie Dufresne (31) administrative manager,
32. Jonathan Boivin,
33. Brigitte Larue (54) maritime employee,
34. Dimitri Boivin (33) industrial cleaning,
35. Rozenn Piolet caregiver,
36. Claude Rats (67) retired,
37. Mélusine Lau (31 years old) restaurateur,
38. Yvon Piolet (79 years old) retired;
39. Christelle Goupil (51) nurse,
40. Kevin Anquetil d’Alençon,
41.Parveen Hack (61) English teacher,
42. Gérard Canel (66 years old) retired,
43. Marine Gherram,
44. Patrick Gaillard (70) retired,
45.Ingrid Verneuil,
46. ​​Gilles Goudmand (60 years old) retired,
47. Micheline Villey (77 years old) retired,
48. Fabien Groult,
49. Alexandre Palfray (29) healthcare professional,
50. Thibault Goudmand (28) operator,
51. Morgane Delaroche (32 years old) carer,
52. Bruno Chatillon (59) electrician,
53. Françoise Colinet,
54. Charles Leroux,
55. Marie-Rose Mauger,
56. Jean Turpin,
57. Carole Douville (43 years old) school teacher,
58. Didier Linquier (61) unemployed,
59. Valérie Billard (45 years old) carer,
60. Jose Romao,
61 Mireille Donnédieu.

Priorities on the list

“Many city council decisions have an impact on animals. The creation of an animal protection delegation is therefore fundamental to defending their interests, « said the list’s press release.

Its objectives will be:

  • Create a “SOS Animaux” municipal unit;
  • Insert an animal protection clause in public procurement: no animal products from intensive farming or animals killed in a slaughterhouse practicing slaughter without stunning;
  • Install caniparks in strategic places (Le Havre beach, Rouelles park, etc.);
  • Ban circuses with animals;
  • Provide financial and material assistance to animal protection associations;
  • Not grant any subsidy to activities that cause suffering for animals;
  • Sterilize stray cats and create living spaces for free cats;
  • Establish a partnership between the pound and the shelters to avoid killings;
  • Facilitate the admission of pets to nursing homes and shelters.