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France 3

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For 20 years, they have maintained more than 1,000 hectares of hillsides. The sheep of the town of Évreux have become an institution. This week, they offered the inhabitants a show: with the arrival of fine weather, they went to mowing.

In turn, the 250 ewes of the town hall of Évreux (Eure) went to the shearing, in the week. Delicate work is necessary. « It’s for animal welfare. The sheep has always been sheared to harvest the wool, for all that is transformation at the level of clothing »explains Benoît Voisin, municipal shepherd.

A family visit

Held over two days at the municipal farm, the annual show is open to the public. The opportunity for young and old to discover the fifty newborns of the herd. « Me, it touches me. It’s nice », says a woman. For two days, school groups and families followed one another for a moment of sharing and pedagogy. Each year, 1.5 tons of wool is recovered on average, which should be given to associations to spin it. After shearing, the sheep are sent to the hillsides, grazing for the summer season.

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