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Mouse quarrel, economic crisis in Lebanon, Covid-19 … a week of news in pictures – Insurance for Pets

The subway platform is almost deserted. Two mice come to paws in London (United Kingdom). Rodent quarrel for a small crumb. Men face off in a pitched battle in Lebanon, a country plagued by the economic and political crisis. A Canadair cuts through the air of Corsica in the middle of winter to put out a fire. The Corsicans are angry. Fires in the maquis and temperature record: almost 28 ° C in February.

They say they want to bring warmth, by transforming balls of wool into hats or slippers for children. Moselle’s knitting grannies have a new challenge: to make soft beds for Australian koalas. When the epidemic crosses the borders in South Korea, weddings are held at the time of Covid-19. Photos of the masked bride and groom before the ball.

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