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Most new star restaurants score poorly on animal welfare – Insurance for Pets

The eight Dutch restaurants that received a Michelin star for the first time earlier this month are generally not concerned about animal welfare. This is apparent from an analysis of the Animal Welfare Check.

Six of the eight restaurants score insufficient. Only Eden from Valkenswaard and Amsterdam’s Graphite take enough account of animal welfare when compiling their menus to get enough, says Animal Welfare Check.

It is striking that they offer relatively more vegetarian and vegan dishes and do not have duck liver and veal on the menu. Eden only uses pork from the Varkenshoederij in Mechelen, one of the five-star pig farmers from Varkens in Nood.

The fact that the other new star restaurants are doing so badly has everything to do with Michelin’s selection criteria. « Michelin primarily rewards restaurants with a classic, animal-protein-based cuisine, » writes organization. For example, the restaurants serve their guests with foie gras and veal.

Foie gras comes from ducks and geese that are force-fed with a tube in the throat. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety and injuries. Foie gras therefore scores 2 on animal welfare. (…) Veal without certification even scores 1 on animal welfare. The calves are taken from the mother immediately after birth, never go outside and often have anemia due to insufficient roughage.

cc photo: takedahrs