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PROVINCE OF UTRECHT – The province of Utrecht has acquired several dozen new dog walking companies in the past five years. That is what data press agency LocalFocus concludes from figures from the Chamber of Commerce.

Of the major cities, Utrecht is the only one where the number of exhaust services fell, according to the Chamber of Commerce, even if only slightly: from 21 in 2016 to 19 at the beginning of this year. The number of permits that nature managers such as Utrechts Landschap and Staatsbosbeheer issue for their areas has reached its maximum.

Amersfoort, with 15 companies (previously 10), is also a city with a relatively large number of dog walking services. The entire province of Utrecht has 107 professional walkers. In 2016, 83 were still registered with the trade register.

The 29 percent development in our region is lagging somewhat behind other parts of the country. Nationally, the number of companies rose by half, from 940 to more than 1,400. South Holland has the most, with 379 of all provinces.

In the past year in particular, the demand for dogs – and other pets – has risen sharply. Shelters are emptier than ever at the moment and the demand for puppies seems to be sky high since the corona crisis.

Want to read more about the corona virus in the region? We have collected all the stories and the consequences for the province of Utrecht in this place.

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