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Closer Looked at by vet Birgit Derix

By Birgit Derix from Veterinary Clinic Schaijk

Like other years, veterinary clinics pay extra attention to the teeth of our pets in February. The aim is for all animals to have a pain-free, fresh-smelling mouth.

As far as I’m concerned, the preventive care for this is first and foremost good food. So food that needs to be chewed and what does not stick in the mouth. Large fibrous chunks are perfect for that. Chew toys are also fine. Be careful that they are not too hard.

At the age of six months, a dog has its complete permanent set of teeth. However, the teeth are still largely ‘hollow’, it will take at least a year before they are mature and firm. So watch what you give. Certainly no hard pieces of antler. This stuff is as hard as the tooth itself. The pieces of enamel fly off when chewing hard, and sometimes teeth break completely. I would really like to see these types of bones removed from the stores immediately!
You can teach most dogs, especially when they are still young, to brush their teeth. Just do it! With a special brush, with tasty chicken flavored toothpaste.

With cats this is a bigger challenge… In cats, besides the formation of plaque and tartar and therefore inflamed gums, something else plays a role. Cats can get very bad infections while their teeth are very clean. It seems as if the body is reacting against the teeth. The only therapy is then to remove all teeth. That is of course very drastic, but after that the pain is over. They are fine after that.
They also regularly suffer from something that we call FORL in one or more teeth. A piece of the tooth dissolves. Sometimes it starts in the root, sometimes in the crown. This is also very painful and extraction is also the solution. If you don’t do this, it can take months, if not a year or more, for the tooth to disappear spontaneously.

Free dental check
During the month of February you are welcome to have your pet’s teeth checked for free, by appointment. You will receive professional advice about the teeth and possibly instruction on how to (learn to) brush. If necessary, you can have your teeth treated at a discount during the month of February.

For more information, please contact Veterinary Clinic Schaijk via 0486-463636.

Birgit Derix

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