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Mister Kärnten 2017 in conversation: Racism is not only a problem in the USA – Insurance for Pets

Parsa Djawadiraad had to experience first-hand that racism is not only a problem in the USA but also in Austria. The Lavanttaler with Iranian roots was crowned Mister Carinthia in 2017.

Hundreds of people gathered at Neuer Platz in Klagenfurt last week to demonstrate. Not only against police violence in the USA, but above all against racism. Because it is not limited to one country. In 2017 it became clear once more than Parsa Djawadiraad was elected Mister Carinthia.

Actually, you could have seen his victory as a positive sign. It would be an opportunity for the federal state and its people to show that we are diverse and that is a good thing. But then everything turned out differently. Because soon the young FPÖ Carinthia spoke up. « I wonder to what extent he represents our home country of Carinthia or Austria with his appearance and Iranian origin », said the hard words of a board member. The case was also reported in Germany.

Mister Kärnten 2017: « Nobody wants anything like this »

The 23-year-old looks back on this time with mixed feelings. “Everything looks very easy from the outside. But when you are affected, it’s not that easy, ” says 23-year-old Djawadiraad. “You put it away, put on a smile. But it’s really not a nice feeling. You don’t want anything like that.  » The alleged scandal was even reported in Germany. The Iranian-born grew up in the Lavant valley and even has Austrian citizenship.

To this day, he feels hostility from time to time. « But I know you can’t lump them all together. Everyone has different parents and some teach you to be open, others less. ” He sees the fact that he grew up in a rural area as an advantage, because you know each other: « In a big city you are only a number. » And generally he is happy about his home: « It always means that Carinthia has a blue tinge, but I think people have become more open. »

The people one

Djawadiraad welcomes the fact that people worldwide are now taking to the streets and demonstrating against racism. “But also in general something has to change, starting with the top politicians who are supposed to unite people and not separate them. No matter what skin color, religion or origin you have « says Mister Carinthia.

As the father of a two-year-old daughter, the Carinthian often thinks about the future: “Of course, I don’t want what I have experienced and gone through for them. I hope that people will give themselves more opportunities in the future and will not immediately judge each other. I will definitely raise my daughter like this. « 

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