Malgré les nouvelles restrictions de déplacement, il sera possible de s
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MENU. From Toulouse, here is how far it will be possible to travel from Saturday – Insurance for Pets

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Despite the new travel restrictions, it will be possible to move away from Toulouse city center from Saturday April 3, 2021. (© Actu Toulouse / H.-OD)

Emmanuel Macron announced in his televised address on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. In order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the French will have to deal with new measures. For this, the government has chosen a kind of hybrid containment where the credo is « slow down without locking up ».

However, from Saturday April 3, at Toulouse and in the whole of France, the population will have the right to move only in a radius of 10 km around his home, outside of curfew hours.

What can we do ?

So, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., it will be possible to clear the mind by going for a walk or by practicing a sporting activity individually. Of course, it will also be possible to visit the shops that are still open.

The President of the Republic said it: the exit certificate is no longer compulsory. In case of control, you will be asked to present a proof of address like a ID.

How far can we go from Toulouse?

To better understand the area in which it will now be possible to move, here is a map that shows the possible area of ​​movement from Saturday April 3, since Toulouse, Muret, Saint-Gaudens for Haute-Garonne, Albi, Castres for the Tarn and Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne):

For all the inhabitants of the Pink City, it will therefore be possible to take the air in the Toulouse parks. The leisure center of the Ramee or the slopes of Pech david will also be accessible.

Mandatory certificate for trips over 10 km

Please note that certain trips will be permitted from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., during the curfew. With a certificate, it will be possible to leave for meet the needs of your pets, in one one kilometer radius around your home.

During the day, when traveling beyond 10 kilometers regulations, the certificate will also be necessary for the following reasons: professional reasons, compelling family reasons, assistance to a disabled person, health reasons, missions of general interest.

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