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Make ends meet by becoming a pet-sitter – Insurance for Pets

Being an animal nanny is the opportunity for a side job or the opportunity for a cheap vacation. On condition of worshiping animals, of course!

More than 9 million dogs, 6 million cats and even 50,000 ferrets (according to the identification of domestic carnivores in 2019) live in French families. When the owners are away, the pet-sitter is there to take care of those little furballs. He may also be asked to keep one of the new pets (NAC): toucan, snake, rat, frog, llama and other crocodile.

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The service generally takes place at the owner’s home, where the pet-sitter goes several times a day or settles down for some time to feed the animal, walk it, brush it, bathe it and pamper it, all in his own room. usual environment.

KEEP COMPANY to the animal

Until recently rather a hobby, the activity is today a profession in itself. NACs require particular care that requires the intervention of specialists.

TOTAL CONFIDENCE for the pet-sitter

In addition to his passion for animals whose needs, habits or specificities he masters, the pet-sitter has a great sense of responsibility. Listening and available 7 days a week when he undertakes a mission, he regularly informs the owner who has entrusted him with his animal and his house keys. The service must be marked out in great detail in order to avoid problems. This is all the more important since word of mouth is the best advertisement to get noticed.


The pet-sitter at home must obtain the Acaced (Certificate of knowledge for pets of domestic species), either by justifying a diploma in connection with activities with animals, or by following a course of which the cost is around 350 €, depending on the center and the content. It lasts 14 hours and takes place in person. Organizations provide optional training: specializations by species, animal behavior or communication, etc.

Serious agencies ask for supporting documents (insurance, identity, record …) and perform an interview to validate the registration.

How much does it earn?

The status of micro-entrepreneur allows you to offer your services directly or through one of the many pet-sitting agencies.

The prices depend on the services, the type of animal and the experience of the pet-sitter: from € 7 to € 15 per walk, from € 8 to € 18 per visit and from € 10 to € 20 per day at home, with an increase of 10% to 15% on Sundays and public holidays. To deal with damage related to the care of the animal, professional insurance is required.

Guarding with animals

In addition to a paid activity, pet-sitting is a means of exchanging care provided to animals for accommodation. Specialized agencies put pet-sitters and owners in touch. You must create an account that allows you to verify morality, discretion, ability to meet your commitments and attraction to animals.

Testimonials: they have become pet-sitters

Laura 50 YEARS OLD, Paris

In 2016, a friend could no longer keep the aging cat of her owner who was often absent because of her job. She offered to take care of it. She knows that I love animals, but at home it’s too small to have any. Earning a little money while connecting to the living, I found that great! Little by little, I had more and more requests. I joined an agency.

Today, it allows me to supplement my ends of the month. This is easy for me because I am freelance and mobile. Often, I keep animals with serious health problems and heavy medical treatment for long periods of time.

Corinne 56 YEARS OLD, Delme (Moselle)

At the end of 2017, my partner retired, and we decided to keep animals on a voluntary basis. We registered on sites. Thanks to an agency, we made around twenty guards in Brittany, in the Médoc, on the Côte d’Azur or on the shores of Lake Geneva. For us, it’s a great formula because we love animals and we love to travel. In addition to discovering new breeds, we made great encounters. But for things to go well, the only interest must not be tourist. For example, we went to the vet urgently for a sick cat. In December, we go to Spain to take care of a parrot.

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