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Madrid wants to kill 12,000 argentine parrots – Insurance for Pets

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This was announced by the councilor for Environment and Mobility of the municipality. He emphasized that the company that will kill the parrots will do so entirely in accordance with the applicable animal protection laws. According to the latest counts, the population of Argentinian parrots has grown 33 percent in three years. The total number went from 9,000 birds in 2016 to 13,000 last year, according to data from the Spanish Association for Ornitology SEO / Birdlife. The municipality states that the parrots’cause various problems for the preservation of the urban ecosystem and for public health.  » The birds’ nests would pose a danger to the residents of the city because of the risk that they might fall.

Most Argentinian parakeets live in the Madrid region. This is followed by the Catalonia region. In these two regions together, 73 percent of the entire population lives in Spain.

Argentinian parakeet

It is about the small tropical bird species Myiopsitta monachu. The bright green critters were brought to Spain by people who wanted to sell them there or keep them as pets, but have released them. Because the bird is often kept as a pet, it is also called Argentinian parakeet. Then the birds reproduced rapidly in freedom. According to a Pacma spokeswoman, they are very « intelligent, affectionate animals that become extremely attached to the people with whom they live. People who see the birds as a plague, rather speak of their noisy and aggressive nature. Pacma is strongly opposed to the parrots being killed.

The socialist opposition in the municipality of Madrid finds the amount of 260 euros per sacrificed parrot excessive. Above all because in 2017 a plan from the same party that cost 50 euros per bird was rejected because of its ‘excessively high costs’.