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Lots of time for dogs and cats: Are pets crisis winners? – Insurance for Pets

It is quieter than usual these days between the kennels in the animal shelter in Munich-Riem. Usually, numerous volunteers come to take a walk with the dogs, and visitors can also drop by if they are interested in an animal. Because of the corona security measures, all of this is no longer possible.

Everyone is at home and wants a dog

On the other hand, the phones in the office are overheating and the mailboxes are overflowing: Inquiries about the adoption of dogs and cats are piling up.

« Especially in the early days when Mr. Söder called out the exit restrictions and many were in the home office and the schools were tight, we had a lot of inquiries. The typical sentence that we heard every day was: We are all closed now Home, we would have time for an animal now. We want a dog!  » Dalia Zohni, shelter manager Munich-Riem

Important: Never act on the whim

A dog or cat should never be bought on a whim, warns the shelter manager. Boredom during the curfew is the wrong motivation for buying a pet. That is why staff at the animal shelter have extensive preliminary talks with those interested.

They try to find out what the motivational situation is and whether the potential owners are willing to take care of the animals permanently. Because of Corona, these calls now often take place by telephone, appointments are only possible after prior registration. So there must be an advance of trust in the mediation.

One of the dogs from the shelter, who has now found new owners thanks to the corona crisis, is Kira, a kangal shepherd. It is quite large, has light, fluffy fur and weighs around 50 kilos. Alexandra Jajcevic and Martin Fendrich are their new owners and have long thought about getting a dog.

Familiarization in quarantine

When the young couple was sitting at home because of the corona restrictions, the decision was made to get a dog out of the shelter.

« When do you have so much time to get a dog and get used to it? We both sat at home, went online and looked for dogs from the shelter. We studied photo by photo and found the Kira. » Alexandra Jajcevic, new dog owner

Mistress and owner in the long run?

For four weeks they had the bitch in their trial period at home near Garmisch. Today they are back at the shelter to sign the contract. In doing so, you undertake to permanently admit the bitch.

The shelter welcomes the great interest that has been triggered by the corona restrictions for many. The shelter director remains cautious: what happens after the corona restrictions are over? Who takes care of the animal when the children are back at school and the adults at work? The sweet squid could quickly become a burden and the freshly baked mistress and owner could lose interest.

« That would be a big problem for the animals, because they also have emotions. If they are in a home for a few weeks or months, then they build up a bond. If they are given away again, it is not good for them « That shouldn’t happen under any circumstances. » Dalia Zohni, animal shelter manager Munich Riem

Kira’s new home

For shepherd Kira’s new owners, Alexandra Jajcevic and Martin Fendrich, this is out of the question. On several occasions, they have given assurances that they did not spontaneously choose an animal. They want to permanently offer bitch Kira a new home and be there for them, even if the corona restrictions are over again.