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Lintjesregen municipality Lochem: 8 Members, 2 Knights and an Officer – Insurance for Pets

Mayor Sebastiaan van ‘t Erve addressed the residents who were decorated with a ribbon via an image connection (photo: Municipality of Lochem)

LOCHEM – The annual Lintjesregen this time provides a significant amount of rain for the municipality of Lochem. Eight residents have been appointed Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau. In addition, there are two Knight and an exceptional Officer appointment. There was no question of a festive meeting this time. Mayor Sebastiaan van « t Erve congratulated the lucky ones via video calling. The physical presentation of the decorations will follow later this year.

Of the ribbons, three went to Gorssel, three to Laren, two to Lochem, two to Epse and the highest award ends up in Joppe.

Below all decorated. The texts are taken literally from a press release from the municipality of Lochem.

Mrs. E.C. (Edith) de Gruijl (49 yrs.) From Epse – Member of the Order of Orange Nassau
From 1978 to 2005, Edith de Gruijl was a caregiver for her mentally disabled sister Leontine with great dedication. With this she relieved her parents. In 1980 Edith became a volunteer at De Klup Deventer Foundation, which organizes sports and leisure activities for people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. She gives swimming lessons, among other things. Partly because of her, thousands of children have learned to swim.

From 2000 she is also one of the coaches of the swimming team that participates in the Special Olympics with the Deventer Sports Team. She became president in 2015. With other board members, she also manages 45 volunteers. Since 2004, Edith has been a volunteer at the Deventer Sports Team Foundation, which encourages sports teams in Deventer to open their doors to people with intellectual disabilities.

In addition to her busy work at an insurance company and her volunteer work, she is a caregiver for her parents. Mayor Ron König of the municipality of Deventer congratulates Edith by phone on her appointment. The presentation of her Royal decoration is in Deventer, because of her volunteer activities there.

Mr. H. (Huib) Kamminga (69 yrs.) From Lochem – Member of the Order of Orange Nassau
Huib Kamminga and his wife founded the Trefpunt de Poort Foundation in Lochem in 1998. Until 2003, the foundation provided shelter for people in immediate housing need. They also created a youth hostel. In 1990 Huib became a volunteer and later secretary of Chess Association Lochem. He taught youth members, is a team leader and is the founder of the website that he also maintains.

From 2010 Huib is a volunteer at the Culinary Activities For Elderly Foundation, De Eetkamer, in Lochem. He prepares the monthly evenings for the elderly together with his wife. He performs hand and tension services and also manages the website here. He has also been a member of the Client Council and the Central Client Council of the Healthcare Combination Marga Klompé since 2015. Here he made himself creditable for the quality framework and the quality plan and the services.

From 2015 Huib is a member and volunteer at the bowla department in the village house ‘t Overschotje in Lochem. His job skills come in handy here. From 2010 to 2016, he was also a voluntary driver at the Welzijn Lochem Foundation, where he provided private car rides for vulnerable people.

Mr. H.J. (Erik) Bötzel (58 yrs.) From Gorssel – Member of the Order of Orange Nassau
From 1998 Erik Bötzel is enthusiastically committed to the annual Truckers Day De Lathmer. Co-drivers are the radiant, proud and waving clients of the Lathmer. They enjoy the people waving along the route.

For 10 years Erik has been giving extra shine to the events of the Oranjevereniging Gorssel as a speaking master. He also offers a helping hand where necessary. In 2015 Erik became a board member of Stichting Openluchttheater Gorssel. With great dedication, knowledge and experience, he found important artists and high-quality musicians for performances. With another board member he prepares the programming and gives shape to it. He also manages the bar team energetically.

Erik was active at the Social Cultural Work Gorssel from 1978 to 2005. At the age of 16 he was already a volunteer at the Jeugdsoos and he developed into a board member of the Sports and Cultural Center ‘t Trefpunt. Under his chairmanship, the foundation grew into a healthy organization that is close to the people. In 1996, together with his buddy Henk Veenendaal, he was the initiator and organizer of the smart lap festival Gorssel Huilt.

In 1984 Erik was a co-organizer of the World Championships in ‘t Trefpunt at bird association De Volière Gorssel. He was also an intermittent trainer and leader at VV Gorssel from 1982 to 2016.

Mr. H. (Henk) Veenendaal (67 yrs.) From Gorssel – Member of the Order of Orange Nassau
Since its foundation in 1978, Henk Veenendaal has been a source of support, mainly musically, at Carnival Association De Gorsselnarren. He is the stimulator of the house orchestra De Spontano’s, which provides music every year. The association provides cozy meetings for the residents of the Eefdese Homes for more than 35 years. He has been involved with the De Hema orchestra since 1995.

In 2015 Henk became a board member of Stichting Openluchttheater Gorssel. He designs and develops the programming. Partly because of him, the theater’s fame has risen sharply. Henk became a volunteer at the Welzijn Lochem Foundation in 2017. He is a bus driver and organizes trips. In 2018 he was the initiator of the Boodschappenbus in Epse and Gorssel.

Henk also participates every year in the Herdertjestocht around Christmas and is active as a pianist, lyricist and singer at almost all festive occasions in Gorssel. Together with his buddy Erik Bötzel, Henk was the initiator and organizer of the smartlap festival Gorssel Huilt in 1996. He was a songwriter and together with De
Spontano’s musical accompanist.

Henk also wrote articles or songs for the regional magazine Sufferdje. He is a Gorsselnaar pur sang and was nicknamed « The Night Mayor » because of
its connecting role within the Gorssel community.

Married couple Mr. D. (Derk) Woestenenk (59 yrs.) And Mrs. J.M. (Joke) Woestenenk-Marsman (60 yrs.) From Laren – both Member of the Order of Orange Nassau
Derk and Joke Woestenenk together own arable and family business Woestenenk Potatoes. In addition, Derk has been the sexton of the Protestant Municipality of Laren for 40 years. Derk and Joke are very involved in the activities in the church and Kulturhus’ t Kruispunt. The couple has been a volunteer at this foundation since 2008. Among other things, he arranges the room layout, the stage and light and sound. She takes care of the substantive person and assists during funerals, events and meetings.

In 1974 Derk became a board member of the Youth Committee of the Small Animal Association Pels en Pluim in Laren. Partly due to his efforts, the annual show grew from regional to provincial. Henk has been a board member of the Nederlandse Rijnlander-, Eksterkonijn- en Japannersclub for 20 years. He arranges the annual breeder’s day, manages the canteen, organizes the draw and is committed to the news magazine Newsflash.

Derk was also a board member and chairman of the Funeral Association Laren. He was the initiator of, among other things, a niche for urns, a stray field, a parking lot and the depiction of crooked and broken stones on old graves. From 1992 to 1999 he was secretary and chairman of the Prince Willem Alexander School in Laren. Here he was the initiator of the Ouderwerkgroep. As a sexton, Derk is still attached to this. He also volunteered for 8 years at the ForFarmers farmers’ cooperative, where he worked for the interests of arable farming.

Joke has been a board member of the Larense Gymnastics Association since 2002. As a born organizer, she managed the secretariat. In 2018 she enthusiastically committed to the 80th anniversary. She was also secretary of the Braninkhal Foundation in Laren.

Joke has been involved with Vrouwen van Nu, Laren department since 2006. She actively thinks about the annual program, prepares the annual reports and keeps the membership records. She was the initiator of the program booklet and took care of digitizing documents and setting up the website.

She was also a board member of the Laren & Oranje Association for 13 years, where she contributed to the organization of activities. She is still a committed volunteer. Joke was also a volunteer at the Prince Willem Alexander School for more than 15 years as a surviving, reading, crossing and cream teacher and was a member of the Ouderwerkgroep.

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Derk Woestenenk and Joke Woestenenk-Marsman from Laren were told on Friday morning by the mayor that they will both receive a ribbon (photo: municipality of Lochem)

Mr. J.H.W. (Jan) Ruiterkamp (68 yrs.) From Laren – Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau
Jan Ruiterkamp worked for the Larense Ondernemersvereniging for 32 years. As chairman and board member of the Fairground Committee, he was closely involved in the organization of the Larens Fair. He was responsible for the marketing and construction and dismantling of the fairground attractions and negotiated with external parties.

He made an important contribution to the survival of the fair. He was a fairground consultant, volunteer during the construction and dismantling. He also committed to the Christmas tree campaign and worked for the Zetorclub Nederland. As chairman he was the connecting factor, partly due to his technical experience. Jan was formerly an entrepreneur (Slootsmid B.V agricultural garden and vegetable technology).

Mrs. B (Betsy) van Huizen-Witteveen (74) from Gorssel – Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau
Betsy van Huizen is a volunteer / counselor with Zozijn and buddy and she supports activities such as the summer party. Betsy had various positions at the KNVB. She started as a member of the work committee indoor football department Gelderland. After that she was chairwoman of the youth football working group committee, district referee and secretary of the G-football working group at district East. In 2008 she received the gold pin from the KNVB for her dedication and drive.

As secretary of Gorssel Football Association she took on organizational tasks and maintained contacts, including those with the KNVB. For 5 years she organizes the annual day of the Eric Braamhaar Foundation, for people with a mental and / or intellectual disability.

Betsy is co-founder / board member of the IJsselwijs Foundation. Through her efforts, the objective was met to let young and old make music together and perform at Het Trefpunt in Gorssel. Since the establishment of the Sports Council of Lochem as a board member, Betsy has, among other things, adapted sports for the disabled in its portfolio.
Partly because of her efforts, a number of football associations in the municipality of Lochem introduced G-football.

Betsy is a volunteer and coach at indoor football association Futsal in Apeldoorn. She is a hostess for referees and directors of the opposing team and for the growing women’s department counselor, source of information, outlet and confidant.

Every year she is a counselor at Stichting Tendens Vakanties for people with intellectual or multiple disabilities and for people with congenital brain injuries.

Mr. H.M.H.M. (Herman) Hulshof (66) from Lochem, Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau
Herman Hulshof was director of tannery Koninklijke Hulshof’s Vereenigde Fabrieken B.V. in Lichtenvoorde. He tackled environmental issues and was involved in the innovation and sustainability of (waste) paper and leather processing. Together with the purification board and the municipality, a large water treatment plant was established, where sludge and waste water were processed.

He also introduced the separation of waste streams and switched to water-based paint. He was an important source of inspiration and made others enthusiastic about sustainable production. He handed out the “environmental care workbook for the leather industry” and introduced the “Achterhoek management model” by converting the company from a vertical to a horizontal organization.

Herman Hulshof was named Manager of the Year in 1995. Until 2019, Herman focused on Hulshof’s Protein Technologies BV. Under his inspiring leadership, low-quality animal products have been upgraded to high-quality proteins with innovative technology.

Herman was a board member of the Water Board Rhine and IJssel and designated representative of the Eastern Gelderland Zuiveringsschap. He is also a member of the Industrial Circle Lichtenvoorde. Herman was (vice) president of the Association of National Interest Groups in Leather and Clothing Manufacturing within the European Community COTANCE in Brussels.

He was the initiator, chairman and lobbyist at the Groenlo Table with the aim of making the Achterhoek the most sustainable region in Europe. He was co-founder and chairman of the AGEM (Achterhoekse Groene Energie Maatschappij), which promotes the transition to sustainable energy in the Achterhoek and supplies green energy and green gas.

Herman is secretary of the Stichting Administratiekantoor Kras. That foundation monitors the progress and developments of the cardboard manufacturer Honicel Worldwide B.V. with foreign joint ventures. Honicel Technology contributes to new environmentally-friendly technology and local employment.

Mrs. H. (Rita) Beuving-Boer (71 yrs.) From Epse – Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau
Rita Beuving has been a volunteer at Buurtbemiddeling Lochem since 2010. Through her drive and expertise she helps residents to talk to each other. In 2011 Rita became a volunteer at the Welzijn Lochem Foundation. As coordinator of the Visit and Support Gorssel and surroundings, she supports informal caregivers and residents who live alone and who are vulnerable. Partly because of her, the volunteer group grew from 9 to 25 people.

Rita is also a representative in the regional consultation of the VIT aid for informal care. In 2016 she started as an active, inspiring and enthusiastic coach of the POWER Resilience by Age workshops in Lochem. She helps to think about aging (differently) and makes connections between seniors in a natural way.

From 2018, Rita is secretary at Garden Club Gelreblom in Eerbeek. Her secretarial and social skills and her enthusiasm contribute to a flourishing Garden Club. From 1984 to 1990, Rita volunteered at the Social Cultural Work Foundation in Ede. She sat down
among others for the Literacy Work and taught low-literate and illiterate people.

From 2004 to 2016, Rita was secretary of the Commemoration Apeldoornsche Bosch, which commemorates the deportation to Auschwitz every year. In addition to her voluntary activities, she also maintained close contacts with relatives and invitees. She also worked as a member and secretary of the WMO advisory board. Here she had intensive conversations with residents and customers and was part of the regional and national network of WMO advisory councils.

From 2011 to 2015, Rita meant a lot as a volunteer and chairman of the Stichting Eigen Bedreivigheid (De Villa) in Doetinchem. During her chairmanship, De Villa developed into an organization with permanent employees.

Mrs. Dr. D. (Deena) de Wolff-Rouwendaal (74) from Joppe – Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau
Mrs. Dr. De Wolff spent years committed to non-funded activities at the University Hospital, later Leiden University Medical Center. She was a leading national and international scientist. In particular, her contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with often rare and complex tumors commands great respect.

She was a formal member (Dutch representative) of the European Ophthalmic Pathology Society (EOPS) and involved in annual congresses for pathologists specializing in eye diseases. As one of the first specialized eye oncologists, she contributed to the ISOO (International Society for Ocular Oncology) at world conferences in Leiden and Amsterdam.

She was President of the European Association for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), Ocular Oncology Group (OOG). At European level, she was committed to working in the Ocular Oncology Group at EORTC.
And she chaired a committee that set up scientific trials to achieve optimal diagnosis and treatment of eye tumors.

Dr. De Wolf also held the secretariat of the OOC (Eye and Orbital Tumor Committee). This is a national multidisciplinary committee in which patients with tumors in and around the eye from all over the country were discussed. She made an important contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with often rare and complex tumors.

At European level, she was also a long-time member and chair of a sub-committee of the EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer). The aim was to set up Multicentre Trials to improve the treatment of conjunctiva melanomas. As a Dutch representative, she was a member of the EOPS at European level. (European Ophthalmic Pathology Society).

Dr. De Wolff was a support for needy families within the Jewish Community of Leiden. She performed with her string quartet to raise funds for the well-known Laniado Medical Center in Israel. During her secretarial period for the Groot Salonorkest Happy Days, she also prepared concert activities for many of her own initiatives.

Dr. De Wolff was chairman of the Friends of the Blind Library Foundation in Israel. Under her chairmanship, the Foundation even received ANBI culture status. She maintained close contact with the leadership of the Library of the Blind in Israel.

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