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Lake Ladoga, landmark of endangered seals – Insurance for Pets

It’s a natural treasure with an upset balance. Dotted with 660 islands, Lake Ladoga northeast of St. Petersburg is the largest lake in Europe. It is also the kingdom of a rare species of freshwater seals, today threatened by global warming. This winter, the mortality of baby seals was higher than normal. At the moment scientists do not know if this species will be able to adapt to the melting of the ice. In a century, the number of seals in the lake has already been divided by four.

For seal specialist Anna Losseva, the climatic conditions are not good for breeding: « For the female to make a den, she needs snow. Here, there is only bare ice, there is no snow« This is a worrying situation for the 5,000 seals in the lake, a species already classified as vulnerable.

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