Insurance for Pets

kozoo launches new health insurance for dogs and cats – Insurance for Pets

Product launch — 07/09/2020

(AOF) – kozoo has launched a digital insurance offer dedicated to dogs and cats. It is subscribed exclusively on the web via its partners as well as directly, from its website and its mobile application. took note of several edifying statistics. 52% of French people say they have a pet in their household. 75% of them even consider them as full members of the family, with a level of complicity that has grown. further increased during the containment period linked to the Covid.

Yet assures kozoo, the share of dogs and cats whose health is assured does not exceed 6% in France, despite veterinary costs having increased twice as fast as the cost of living over the past 10 years.

Behind this apparent paradox, a certain mistrust of owners is expressed in contracts deemed too complex and not transparent enough, adds the group.

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