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Kater Mir is not allowed to leave his home in Japan – RT German – Insurance for Pets

Vladimir Putin’s gift must be in quarantine: tomcat Mir is not allowed to leave his home in Japan (icon image)

After pet animals tested positive for the corona virus in some countries, a Japanese governor decided to protect his cat named Mir from being infected with the pathogen. The head of the room had been given to him by Russia’s head of state.

In the summer of 2012, the governor of the Japanese prefecture of Akita, Norihisa Satake, gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a puppy from the Akita dog breed. It was a gesture of gratitude for the help Russia had given Japan after the devastating March 2011 earthquake.

The Kremlin returned the favor with a Siberian kitten, which was given the name Mir (in German « peace »). Immediately after arriving in Japan, the cat had to undergo its very first quarantine at Tokyo Narita Airport. He received regular visits from the Russian embassy in Tokyo for six months. The diplomats brought treats and toys to the velvet paw. After the quarantine, the cat settled in the house of Norihisa Satake.

Now, almost eight years later, Mir had to be quarantined again. This time because of the corona pandemic, since according to some studies cats were also tested positive for the COVID-19 pathogen.

The Russian news agency reported about the curfew for the cat TASS. The governor of Akita prefecture said to the medium:

We were very concerned about reports that domestic cats in the US were infected with the novel corona virus. That is why we arranged it so that, as a precaution, I have no contact with anyone outside of the family. We very much hope that the current situation, in which the risk of infection causes humans and animals to suffer, will be over as soon as possible.

Norihisa Satake also said that the cat got along well with the other six cats in his house. I have an excellent appetite and a calm character. He was strong and happy. (TASS)

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