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Joe Biden appeals to « democratic cats » after using dogs for his campaign – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/26/2020 at 2:48 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougéin the category Miscellaneous facts

© Joe Biden / Twitter

After putting the dogs to work in a previous campaign video, Joe Biden’s camp is counting, this time around, on cats to seduce the American electorate, a few days before the poll.

The race for the White House has entered its home stretch. TheUS presidential election will, in fact, take place on November 3. Faced with the current president, the republican Donald Trump, the candidate democrat Joe Biden is running for the next 4-year term. To try to grab a few more votes, his camp recently played the pets in his campaign.

At the beginning of October, he had broadcast a first video under the theme  » Dogs for Biden-Harris » (Kamara Harris is the running mate of Joe Biden) on social networks. We saw canines carrying t-shirts on which this slogan was registered.

Besides, Joe Biden himself owns 2 dogs, German Shepherds. The first, Champ, had been purchased from a breeder in 2008, in the wake of the victory of Barack Obama in the presidential elections. It was a promise he made to his wife if the former senator from Illinois rose to the top office. 10 years later, the couple adopted the second, Major.

This time it is no longer a question of dogs, but of chats. Indeed, as reported RTL, a new video, with felines as protagonists, was posted on the candidate’s Twitter account Biden last October 17th.

The spot, lasting just over half a minute, shows cats alongside signs, masks, mugs, t-shirts, caps and more. accessories promoting the candidature of Biden and Harris. It ends with a call to send SMS including the word  » cat », Specifying that this is not a joke.

The sequence is accompanied by the following caption:  » We must come together to defeat Donald Trump. Democrats, Independents, Republicans and, yes, even the ‘demo-cats’ ».

See you next week, therefore, to find out if the democratic cats and dogs will have helped Joe Biden to accede to the presidency of the United States …

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